music for my soul





Songs that have always been there for me. Songs that I can listen to for hours, days, even weeks, on repeat. Songs that hold me steady when I feel as if I am going to float away.

2 thoughts on “music for my soul

  1. Nirnara (The Oldenyouth)

    Greetings! This is I, The Oldenyouth, on Twitter – whom you had this discourse on Music, Music Addiction and the Joy of Song Repetitions with 🙂

    Truly I’m glad to meet someone like you who shares this powerful passion for repeating songs non-stop – be it days, weeks, months, years and ad infinitum. Music isn’t just mere ear-candy, because when you repeat a certain Song time after time, the Song gradually becomes a part of Your Existence; a part of Yourself. The Song/Songs are a reflection of who we were, who wish to become and finally, Who We Are in Essence.

    Bah! Now skip the fancy and formal wordings aside, I fuckin’ love to repeat songs often too 🙂 Of all the Music you shared with us here, I love “Guernica” the best. The tune and melody are closest to my Musical choices. Thank you once again for taking time to make this blog. Music FTW!

    The OldenDude.


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