July 30th — Move to Ibaraki

August 1st — K starts his new job

August 5th — Return to Tokyo. Fly to USA

August 5th -12th — PARTY IN THE USA/ try not to die from Atlanta’s heat

August 13th — Return to new life in Ibaraki.

August 14th ~~~Explore best way to get to the ocean by bicycle. Eat loads of fresh fish and veggies. Finish editing my manuscript and become a hermit. 

4 thoughts on “IBARAKI

  1. zoomingjapan

    Excuse my ignorance, but there are places in America that are hotter than Japan in summer? Hard to believe!
    I can’t imagine hotter places, though, of course I know there are some.

    I hope your move will go smoothly and you’ll have a great time in the USA! ^-^

    1. river Post author

      The USA was hit with a really bad heat wave this summer and my hometown in Michigan reached 42C just a few weeks ago. But almost all of the USA is running in the high 30 to low 40C temps. Japan likes to think it’s the hottest place ever, but it’s not. ^^

      Thank you 🙂

      1. zoomingjapan

        Have you made the experience that people in Japan say that they think Japan is one of the hottest countries?
        I’ve never heard it. Actually many people seem to be well aware that esp. other Asian countries are even hotter and they’re always surprised when I tell them about the rather cool summer in Germany! ^-^;

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