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This is one of the first photos I took in Tokyo on the first day I was in Japan. Five years ago today.

Eleven years ago I watched the Twin Towers fall, live on Good Morning America in my first hour Senior Government class. The rest of the day was spent watching TV and listening to announcements on the loudspeaker. The only class that ‘went on’ was band because Mr. L wouldn’t let us NOT practice. I remember sitting in my ’87 Chevy pick up waiting in line for over an hour to buy gas priced at $1.99, fearing that we’d never have gas again after that night. I remember being scared for my friends in New York. Fast forward to 2007, five years ago, and I was standing in a silent airport with my family as I got on my first airplane to Japan. That’s what I remember about 9/11.

I wrote that on my facebook today. Eleven years ago I would have never imagined my life would have turned out like this.

Small town Michigan to Tokyo to Saitama to Tokyo to small town Ibaraki.


strawberries and bicycles


My chain fell off my bicycle three times this past week, so I finally decided to suck it up and take it to the cycle repair shop. I don’t really know any of the technical ‘bicycle’ words in Japanese, but the woman was really helpful and fixed the chain AND my gear shift. Feels like a brand new bike.

So I bought myself this wine as a reward. 

It’s delicious. 


cranberry juice


I’m going to be working in Hitachi starting in October. I’ve been there twice now and have fallen in love with the area. Today after visiting my new workplace and figuring out some details I went back to the station and had a 1/2 hour to wait for the train. I found a cafe tucked away inside of the station. The walls are giant windows, and the entire cafe looks out over the ocean. There was a thunderstorm rolling in with the waves, and I ordered a cranberry juice and pancake set to enjoy while enjoying the storm while waiting for the train. 

Next time I go I need to find out the cafe’s hours. I can see this place becoming a regular part of my day this coming October. 

Cranberry juice. With raspberries, blueberries, and REAL cranberries on top. 



See that brand new black knife on the right? It chopped the tip of my finger on it this morning. Thankfully didn’t need stitches. I did find the nicest hospital that I’ve ever been to in Japan. It’s just down the street. Never touch sharp objects before 9am. Lesson learned.