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happy halloween


Zombies scare the hell out of me. And not in some trendy-hipster omg-I-love-The-Walking-Dead kinda way.

As do: snakes, horror movies, needles, heights, roller coasters, financial debt, cancer, and getting lost. Just to name a few.

But I do enjoy the occasional creepy-crawly. Especially at Halloween time.

What are you afraid of???


When Maddison Willows walks back into school a month after her brother’s brutal murder no one is shocked.
Because no one knows.

Not even Maddison.

All they know is that Maddison tried to kill herself. She has the horizontal scars on her wrists to prove it.
But, she didn’t do it.

Only I know the truth, and I intend to keep it that way. Or I had. But something is happening to Maddison, and I keep finding myself drawn to her side. Walking the streets at night in the rain, barefoot. Digging up bones in my front yard. Remembering… I have to make it stop, but it’s starting to look like I don’t know how.

(image from tumblr)

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo again this year. This will be my 5th time. I’m looking forward to it, and I love my novel idea. If you’re also participating, please check out my NaNoWriMo Page and add me. Let’s support each other an write a novel in a month!

kickin’ it


I feel like I should be leading a revolution against a corrupt dystopian government every time I wear this jacket. 

Who says I can’t be stylish in this little village by the sea. 

tell me your story



Sometimes I think that when we’re teaching English we get so caught up in the “this student can’t speak well/should say this better/says this unnaturally/forgets this particle/speaks too slowly/has horrible pronunciation/never remembers this word/etc.” that we forget to just. fucking. listen.

Teaching in Tokyo was okay, but young salary men can be boring. They want a girlfriend/went drinking/never sleep/hate their boss. Cafe teaching in Tokyo is sketchy (and I am so glad to be done with it). But I am enjoying my new students. Most of them are older than my parents, have lived through countless moments of history, and have stories to tell. And when it comes down to it, they don’t care about getting a good TOEIC/TOEFL/EIKEN score or getting a promotion in the company or a position overseas. They just want to tell their damn story.

I’m learning to let the “English Teacher” check out when I need to. If the 70 year old lady with the blue eye shadow -that can rivals my OWN grandma’s favorite shade of blue- wants to show me her drawings and talk about that one time after WWII when an American solider came to her small town by the ocean and took her picture then I’m going to let her, to hell with proper particles and “alternative phrases”. I’ll save that for the next salary man that needs to pass his test.





September passed in a torrent of unpleasantries, much as I predicted it would. But October seems promising. I started working and it’s exactly what I needed. I’m excited for Halloween, even got Baby in on the action.

The weather is turning cooler at night. I had to dig my pants and space heaters out of storage.

The wind blowing in off the ocean steals the air from my lungs.