happy halloween


Zombies scare the hell out of me. And not in some trendy-hipster omg-I-love-The-Walking-Dead kinda way.

As do: snakes, horror movies, needles, heights, roller coasters, financial debt, cancer, and getting lost. Just to name a few.

But I do enjoy the occasional creepy-crawly. Especially at Halloween time.

What are you afraid of???

1 thought on “happy halloween

  1. Dawn of the Dead (@bunnycartoon)

    Oh, I’m a HUGE pussy. I’m afraid of: Spiders that are bigger than a Nickle, heights, being alone in a dark place, medical needles, falling onto something that will impale me or poke an eye out, falling into holes/caverns, abandoned places (especially places were vengeful spirits could easily lurk, like hospitals)….the list goes on. XD


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