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I used to draw a lot when I was in high school and almost went to art school. I’m not very good at creating my own work though, and I knew that I wouldn’t get by in life at my level, so I gave up and focused on other things. 

Recently I felt like drawing again (it’s linked to my current novel), so I picked up a pencil and sketch book. Not too shabby after a 10 year break.

WWII bomb


A bomb from WWII was found in Hitachi-city, not too far from my workplace.

On the 23rd of December the Japanese Self Defense Force is going to come remove it. I was told this is the 4th one that’s been found in the area, and I kinda want to see it. It’s just so interesting that something so old and dangerous has just been hanging out in the ground for so long. And it made it through the March 11th earthquake without a problem. 

I’ll be in Hitachi on the 23rd, but my workplace it outside of the 500 meter radius that needs to be evacuated (the image above is the map, the circle indicating the evacuation area), and I’m not too worried, but I wish the JSDF good luck at safely removing it.

winter: a rant


I HATE WINTER. I hate the cold. And the dry air here in Japan. And the lack of central heating. I don’t want a table (kotatsu) to keep my legs warm. I don’t want a (heated) floor to keep my feet warm. I don’t want a space heater to keep only ONE ROOM WARM. I want some fucking central heating to keep the air warm so my lungs wont cracking into a million shards of ice when I go to the bathroom. I shouldn’t be able to see my breath in the kitchen! I HATE YOU JAPANESE WINTER.