I am so fucking in love with this song and this video. I cannot wait for their new album.


3 thoughts on “UP IN THE AIR

    1. river Post author

      I honestly don’t know if I ever saw them live… which is really sad D: I used to go to shows like, every weekend back in the early 2000’s. I kept all my ticket stubs, so I’ll have to look through them and see when I visit my parents house next week. I can’t remember half the bands I saw. But I would LOVE to see them live now that I’ve re-fallen in love with them. I was OBSESSED with them back in 2003 and then in 2004 I went crazy for Jpop and it was only last year that I got back into all the stuff I loved before Jpop. What other bands do you like?!

      1. wanderherz (@_wanderherz_)

        haha yeah I was into J-Rock/Pop too, like 5-7 years ago 😀
        I’ll see 30STM in June and I’m SO excited! Can’t wait!

        I’m mostly into alternative and rock, but I do listen to pop and other stuff too. I love Muse, Placebo, Florence and the Machine, Linkin Park, some (mostly unkown lol) european bands like Mando Diao, Him, etc. And you? 🙂

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