Stacking the Shelves (3)

I have a Japanese lesson for us all today. Read?

積ん読 [つんどく: TSUNDOKU]  buying books and not reading them.

Because seriously. SERIOUSLY. How did I end up with NINE new books this week? Granted I DID only spend $6 total on them… but OMG SELF WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Here’s what I stacked my (virtual) shelves with this week…




ARCs that I received this week!

Not a Drop to Drink – Mindy McGinnis

The Chaos of Stars – Kiersten White

The Summer I Became a Nerd – Leah Rae Miller

Ink – Amanda Sun

Outcast – Adrienne Kress

I was ECSTATIC to receive NOT A DROP TO DRINK and THE CHAOS OF STARS. Thank you thank you THANK YOU HARPER TEEN. I LOVED THE SUMMER I BECAME A NERD (check out my review here!) and I’m very interested in INK. I have thoughts on that already and I’m curious to see what my thoughts are after reading it. OUTCAST was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m already hearing good things about it.



Purchased (all on sale in the kindle store)

Smart Girls Get What They Want – Sarah Strohmeyer

What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know – Sonya Sones

The Madman’s Daughter – Megan Shepherd

Harken – Kaleb Nation

These were ALL ON SALE (hear that self?! ALL ON SALE!) I made a promise to myself back in March that I could only buy ebooks that are ON SALE. Well, this didn’t go so well because I was like ‘SAVE A DOLLAR?! OKAY BUY NOW!’ so now I’m only allowed to buy books that are $1.99 or less. UNLESS it’s like some book that I’ve been DYING FOREVER AND EVER to read. These are all books that I WANT to read and would totally pick up for .99 at a used bookstore. So that’s the logic I’m working with. If I don’t get around to them for awhile well… that’s okay. But I DO want to read them.

So yeah. My strange addiction. What did you guys stack your selves with this week?

ALSO BEFORE YOU GO!  I have some awesome news that I’m going to reveal soon but… for now I would like to announce that I’m going to be hosting my FIRST GIVEAWAY VERY SOON!!! So check back through the next week or follow me on twitter @innocencewalker to keep updated!

Stacking The Shelves is a meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews. It is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!


26 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (3)

    1. river Post author

      The best part of my kindle is that my husband has NO idea how many books I buy… save that one time I accidentally charged 2 months worth to his credit card… So when I bought over 15 books on our trip to the USA two weeks ago he was so shocked and like ‘how can you read that much?!’ I was like you have no idea…

      Thanks! You too 😀

  1. Kristy F

    I received The Chaos of Stars, as well! I can’t wait to read it! I’m reading Smart Girls Get What They Want right now and it’s super cute! Enjoy all your new books! 😀 My Haul

    1. river Post author

      I can’t wait to read CHAOS! The cover is so freaking pretty too! And yay, I’m really looking forward to reading SMART GIRLS. I’m so glad it was on sale! Thanks!

    1. river Post author

      You didn’t see me flipping out on twitter?! Ah I am so excited to read it! Maybe there will be ARC’s at BEA!

    1. river Post author

      I’ve been hearing really good things about Outcast, so I can’t wait to get to it. Yeah, I’ve seen the mixed reviews for Ink… I’m going into it already offended by the blurb so idk if I’m going to enjoy it… but maybe my mind will change. Def. gonna give it a try.

    1. river Post author

      I’m still shaking my head at myself and how many books I ended up with, lol. And omg I actually squealed when I saw that I got approved for CHAOS!

      Yeah I’m already offended by the blub for Ink… and from what I’ve read of the reviews I’m probably not going to enjoy it, but I thought I should at least give it a try and write a review…

      Omg I hope you love SUMMER. It was so ridiculously fun!!!

  2. Charlotte

    Glad you got accepted for Not a Drop To Drink and The Chaos of Stars 🙂 I got rejected a while back haha ah well. WOO HOO FOR INK!!!! I am so excited for that hehe even though I have a eARC of it 😛 Yay for Amazon deals 😀 They’re slowly but surely gonna drain my wallet haha. Happy reading!

    1. river Post author

      I honestly can’t believe that they approved me for them… I literally squealed when I saw the email.

      I’m pretty skeptical of Ink… but we’ll see how it goes.

      Haha omg yeah Amazon is going to be the death of me. At least I’m spending less… lol.

  3. Milka@AnonymousAficionados

    Nice haul! The Summer I Became a Nerd sounds interesting.
    Cannot wait to read your thoughts on Harken – I have been watching Kaleb Nation’s Youtube videos for a while, so I am quite interested to read the book.

    1. river Post author

      THE SUMMER I BECAME A NERD was so much ridiculous fun. And I hope I can get to Harken soon~ I was lucky that it was on sale. A fav author of mine really loved it so I’m really interested in it too~

  4. kawaii_candie

    i love “stacking the shelves”! especially literally! going into a bookstore and buying a bunch of shiny new books! 😀

    unfortunately, i don’t read as fast as you so it takes me ages to go through the pile… then i get distracted and buy more books… you know how that goes!

    but i’m excited for you! you actually make me wanna read more. lol.

    1. river Post author

      I wish I could buy new books here, but the closest bookstore is like 15 mins by train and another 15 by bus and they have like 5 English books D:

      Yay I’m glad that I make you want to read more! I honestly have nothing else to do so… why not XD

  5. nlforst

    Nice haul! Glad to hear you liked The Summer I Became A Nerd. I have that to read as well. 🙂 Enjoy reading!


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