Why I DON’T WANT TO read Game of Thrones

I cannot count how many times I’ve tried to talk about Game of Thrones with someone to have them tell me ‘the book is better’. Or that I should ‘read the book’.

Guess what everyone. I DON’T WANT TO.

I could have read these books YEARS ago and I chose not to. CHOSE not to. I worked in a bookstore for 2 years. I used to be HUGE into epic fantasy, high fantasy, dragons, magic, wizards you name it. I didn’t want to read Harry Potter BECAUSE I thought it was too lame compared to the AMAZING things I was reading. I had a work-friend who tried for TWO YEARS to get me to read A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE (and this was a true read-them-before-there-was-even-the-IDEA-for-a-TV-show book fan) and I was just like nope, don’t want to. 

So when the TV show came out I didn’t watch the first season until the second season came out. Everyone was NUTS for it and I was over here all ‘pffff, please, couldn’t care less’. But then idek why, I was bored or something, and I decided to watch it. I LOVED IT. The TV show was SO FUN to watch. So bloody and sexy and witty and I just fell for it. Blew through the first two seasons and then was sad it was over.

After that what did I do? I bought A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE and read about 50 pages before I was all ‘fuck this I HATE multiple POV this is annoying I have better things to read’. 

So I quit and read a million other books because I LOVE YA FICTION OKAY. And if you think that this makes me a bad person or puts me below you in some way… then just really. REALLY. How are we friends?

I tried to read it again later this year and got to about page 300 when I just… really couldn’t handle the multiple POV again. Guys, I cannot stand it. Either write form first person or third. I will tolerate alternating, but omfg there are TOO MANY POVS. So I shelved it and probably wont go back to it.


Along came season 3 and for some reason ALL of the people who READ THE BOOKS BETWEEN SEASONS were the biggest fan OF THE BOOKS and supreme EXPERTS. Everyone was all ‘oh I knew that was going to happen’ or ‘omg that was NOT like it was in the book D: I demand a refund!’ and I couldn’t even cry over the deaths of my own favorites because anytime I’d open my mouth about it the ~book fans~ would get up on their high horses and look down at me and shake their head and make me feel like I am not qualified to enjoy a fucking TV show because I didn’t want to slog my way through thousands of pages of books that I CHOSE not to read.



THEN the TV fans got all pissed off when there were ~spoilers~ all about. This makes NO sense to me because THESE BOOKS HAVE BEEN OUT SINCE THE 90’s. There are NO surprises. It’s like people watching Harry Potter now and being upset that someone tells them Dumbledore dies. IT’S PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. So while I would appreciate it if the book fans would get off their high horses, especially those who only read the books BECAUSE they got into the TV show, and simmer down, I would also like the TV fans to shut up about things like ~spoilers~. 

And I would REALLY like it if I could actually publicly enjoy this with people who also enjoy it without feeling like I’m not qualified to enjoy it AS MUCH as because I didn’t WANT to read the books.


Stop judging me!

And just so I’m clear, I’m not saying that if you went out and read the books between seasons that you’re a bad person. READING IS AWESOME. And anything that makes people read more IS AWESOME. Elitism is NOT. And that’s what is annoying the hell out of me.



5 thoughts on “Why I DON’T WANT TO read Game of Thrones

  1. Vanessa Cadrin

    hahaha… those people are dumb. i read the books before the tv show came out, and i’ll tell you right now. the show is better. it was never one of my favourites. it’s good. but it’s effin LONG and fuck, everybody dies!!! and there’s something about the writing style that’s very… “heavy”. i dunno. it was hard for me to get through each book. though i did enjoy them, and i didn’t mind the multiple POVs (i’m surprised you do. lol) but i will tell anyone who will listen that Wheel of Time is soooooo much better!! now where is my WoT tv show??? (never gonna happen… *cries forever*)

    1. river Post author

      I like to get invested in one character. I hate having to recall where the other POV left off or even try to figure out who’s speaking. It just drives me crazy.

  2. Colleen (@coll2mitts)

    I feel the same way about The Lord of the Rings. I love the movies, so I tried to read the books and barely made it through The Fellowship. Now every time I talk about how much I love the movies people are like, “Well, did you read the books? They’re SO GOOD!” I tried, and sorry, I thought they were really boring. And then there is this long conversation where they try to defend the books to me and imply there is something wrong with me because I didn’t enjoy them. I have to explain that they simply weren’t my cup of tea. Looking back, I’m really surprised the end of the movies was never spoiled for me from the book-loving harpies.

    I hate when people watch movies/TV shows based on books and say the books are always better.

    1. river Post author

      I honestly couldn’t even get into the LOTR movies ^^;;; I watched the first one and read the first book and the Hobbit… but idk, not for me. But I SO know what you mean. I’ve gotten into a lot of Harry Potter talks with people like that and it’s like… honestly, if you like one or the other that’s cool, if you like both, that’s cool too. I feel like they both have their merits!

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