a3It’s here!!!! OMFG IT IS HERE!!!!!!!! The debut novel from my VERY GOOD FRIEND Melissa Giorgio IS FINALLY HERE!!! 

Y’all can go buy it NOW in ebook format on Amazon for 2.99. If you want the paperback you’ll have to wait a few more weeks… but when that’s available I will let you all know, I promise!!!

Also PLEASE add it to your GOODREADS shelves! And recommend it to your friends! You can also become Melissa’s friend/fan on goodreads here. She ALSO has really amazing taste in books (we share A LOT of recs with each other) so she’ll be fun to follow (once they approve her page).

And if you want to wait until next week and take a gamble at my giveaway then go here and enter! It’s open for FOUR MORE DAYS.

Finally I would just like to just say HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY MELISSA! I’ve known you for A MILLION YEARS and we somehow managed to survive a week in Tokyo together (nobody got lost, injured or sick! hahahaha). You’ve shared AMAZING book recommendations with me over the years, inspired my own (yet unpublished) writing, and someday we DO need to either finish our book or write a new one.

So everyone please go pick up your copy, read it, enjoy (LOOK FOR MY NAME IN THE VERY END IN THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS OMG I CRIED WHEN I READ THAT PART)!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “New Release: THE SIGHT SEER

    1. river Post author

      Your welcome! I’m so glad that I liked it 😀 I’ve always believed in you, so I’m just really happy to see you succeed!


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