Through the years~

I was recently checking out my Goodreads Stats page and was floored by the amount of books I have (and haven’t) read. I was also really amused to look back at the books that I’d added and rated. I know that I’ve read WAY more books than this thing says, but back in 2008-2010 I wasn’t really THAT into using Goodreads (not like now where I check it every day, update as I read, and keep track of ALLLLLLL the books) so I’m not sure how terribly accurate it is… but I thought the numbers were fun to look at.

153008 3304435
High School

I have no idea how many books I read in high school… I used to read so much that the library actually ran out of books for me to read. I read allllll of the horse books (when I was into horses) Baby Sitters Club, Sweet Valley… then I moved onto the adult section where I read all of the Sci-fi books they had to offer. I read ALL the Star Wars books. And then I got into the Kushiel’s series and Chuck Palahniuk. So let’s just say… I started with this. I kept reading all of that through university. I was a creative writing major so reading pretentious literature was a MUST.

I need to make a note that I WAS (and still am) a huge Harry Potter fan. I read and loved all of those. But that was about as ‘young adult’ as I got until my last year of University, 2007, when I went crazy for Twilight. And I mean NUTS. I blame the whole ‘moving to Japan’ thing.

2008: 23 Books

I had just returned to the USA from my first year in Japan and was having horrible reverse culture shock… so I buried myself in books. After returning to the States I went back to my bookstore job where it lasted until early 2009. The store closed (signaling the fall of Borders) and I’d already decided to go back to Japan to work. During my second time working there though I went CRAZY for Young Adult fiction and was basically the expert of that section. I can’t even tell you how many copies of Twilight or City of Bones I sold. This was also when Hunger Games was getting started. I had a hand in pushing that as well. I read basically anything I  could get my hands on in that section, but mainly stuck with paranormal. I did get into Sarah Dessen thanks to my sister… but that’s as far into the contemporary genre I’d go.

3777732 5996153
2009: 5 books

Sadly I believe this one. I’d just moved back to Japan, was busy getting settled into my new job. I’d met a guy who would later become my husband and I was focused on things other than books. I tried to keep up with some of the things that I’d been reading before I left… but it was hard. Especially with the lack of English bookstores. There is a big one in Tokyo, and I used to go there a lot, but the books were expensive. I also announced on twitter that I’d quit reading before getting an eReader. Well… I basically did quit reading that year.

3236307 6050678
2010: 10 books

Somehow I picked up the pace! I think I probably went to the USA for a trip and stopped at a bookstore on the way. Sadly, I wasn’t reading much. I was still reading young adult, but according to my goodreads shelf, I was still not 100% YA only at this point. I was also starting to REALLY feel the lack of books in my life…

8591107 6909544
2011: 24 books

And then I got a Kindle. And effectively dove into Young Adult paranormal and dystopian! Looking at my goodreads shelf the only contemporary that I’d read was Sarah Dessen.

10756656 8709523
2012: 30 books

And by 2012 I was back to my bookworm, booknerd self. I was reading on the train to and from work, reading at home on my days off and just enjoying books again. I didn’t have that much money (between getting married, moving to Tokyo and changing jobs I was pretty broke) so I wasn’t able to keep up with the new releases as much as I’d wanted to… but I did pretty well.

So now… it’s 2013 and the year is literally more than half over and I’ve read up to 55 books! How did I do it? Well… I moved from Tokyo, where I had friends and lots of things to do, to this tiny little village near the ocean where I don’t know anyone other than my husband and my coworkers and my days off are Tuesday/ Thursday. Even if I wanted to make friends who am I going to make friends with? EVERYONE IS WORKING. So I hang out by myself and read my books. And I don’t even care. I’ve found book blogging and ARCs and I enjoy the thrill of reading a book in a day and I’VE DISCOVERED MORE THAN JUST YA PARANORMAL AND DYSTOPIAN. I’m nowhere near where I was back in high school (and don’t even have any interest in reading high fantasy or pretentious literature) but I’m reading lots more contemporary and just… trying new things.

How have your reading habits changed over the years?

3 thoughts on “Through the years~

  1. Jamie

    That is TOO funny we did similar posts around the same time! After I did my Before & After series talking about the way all my different habits have changed before & after I became a blogger I started feeling nostalgic about all the books I had read before so I decided to lay it all out. I had the same problem with the fact that I never kept track of all the books I read before Goodreads because I SO wanted to include how many books I read each year. One of my posts in the Before & After series talked about how I DEFINITELY read more books now then before I started blogging and I have to laugh because after college I thought I was reading SO much but then I look at my stats since blogging and it’s crazy!! I love and hate the Goodreads stat page! I wish I could have had it when I was younger to keep track of the books I read!


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