June – Fifteen

1. Blue Hearts of Mars — Nicole Grotepas — (DNF) – arc
2. Tumble & Fall — Alexandra Coutts — ★★★★ – arc
3. Fangirl — Rainbow Rowell — ★★★★★ – arc
4. Parasite — Mira Grant — ★★★★ – arc
5. Dangerous Girls — Abigail Haas — ★★★★★ – arc
6. Opal — Jennifer L. Armentrout — ★★★
7. The Sight Seer — Melissa Giorgio — ★★★★★
8. Also Known As — Robin Benway — ★★★★★
9. Unbreakable — Elizabeth Norris — ★★★★
10. Going Vintage — Lindsey Leavitt — ★★★
11. This Song Will Save Your Life — Leila Sales — ★★★★★
12. Undone — Elizabeth Norris — ★★★★★
13. Jake and the Other Girl — Emmy Laybourne — ★★★★★
14. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown — Holly Black — ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ – arc
15. Ten Tiny Breaths — K. A. Tucker — ★★ – arc

Well damn! 15… though I DNF’ed one and two were novellas… so I guess 12 full novels but still. I read about 25% of BLUE HEARTS OF MARS before skimming through the rest of it and DNF’ing it. I felt bad because it was an ARC AND I really did want to read it… but I wasted two days getting to that 25% and I just wasn’t going to waste the month on a book that I didn’t want to read.

Thankfully the slow start to the month was MORE THAN made up for with EIGHT 5-star reads. I really thought that AKA was going to be my top read but then COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN went and blew my fucking mind! It’s officially my 2nd favorite book of the year (CLOCKWORK PRINCESS being the 1st). DANGEROUS GIRLS was also amazing (and I reviewed it here!)

I ended up buying 12 new books but NONE of them were full price so yay for me STILL sticking with my ‘only buy Kindle edeals’ rule. I got 13 ARC’s this month which is a lot better than it seems… hahaha. I did read quite a few of them this month too, so I’m very pleased with that.

Going into July I already know that I’m going to read less… my husband is going to be staying home on a few of my days off which is nice, but it’s going to mean less reading, lol. I also have a bunch of things to do to help him get ready for his trip to China next month and other various things that he needs my help with… hopefully I wont get TOO far behind…

Looking forward to seeing what good books this next month will bring!

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