Fierce Reads Canada


On June 19th I had the opportunity to go to Fierce Reads, featuring Leigh Bardugo, Emmy Laybourne, Anna Banks, Gennifer Albin, and Jessica Brody. The event was held at Indigo Yorkdale and was the last stop on the tour. Needless to say, it was amazing to see all the teens who came out to the event, and while I should have been embarrassed being one of the older people at the event, I really wasn’t.

The first part of the event was the authors introducing their works, inspiration, publishing and processing. You could tell it was the last leg of the tour simply by seeing how wonderfully comfortable the women were with each other and just how they were able to poke at each other with such love. There were a lot of jokes related to Darkling swooning (So much Darkling love, yet no Mal love. I am sad.), how each of the women crafted their worlds and why mermen have ass-cracks. No really, that was an odd topic of conversation brought up by Anna Banks after answering my question about awkward or amazing moments when writing or completing a novel. In asking the question, I actually got some sexy swag. I was pretty surprised!

After the hour long Q and A we had the chance to get our books signed. I had a book from each author because I always feel awkward when at a group signing and you only have one book for one author, meanwhile the rest are there too. Emmy Laybourne in particular was wonderful to meet: she’s very whimsical, so kind, and I talked to her about writing children characters and she said she’d love to write a short story about Max from Monument 14 (who happens to be River and I’s favourite character!). Jessica Brody had so much charisma and energy, Anna Banks was very sweet and she explained how deep her research process is (which also lead to accidental ass-cracks). On the other end Leigh and Gennifer were so funny, and there was many instances of Doctor Who crack and learning about “what people do at the library,”to which Gennifer stated, “Yeah, looking at naughty stuff.”

Overall I had a wonderful time at Fierce Reads. I loved the positivity and strength that these authors wanted to instill in many of their readers, and I think they got that message across during the Q and A. I cannot wait for the next tour as I will definitely be making another appearance. I look forward to seeing all these lovely ladies projects as they release!





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