When the World was Flat (and we were in love)

Title: When the World was Flat (and we were in love)
Author: Ingrid Jonach
Rating: ★★★★
Synopsis: When sixteen-year-old Lillie Hart meets the gorgeous and mysterious Tom Windsor-Smith for the first time, it’s like fireworks — for her, anyway. Tom looks as if he would be more interested in watching paint dry; as if he is bored by her and by her small Nebraskan town in general.
But as Lillie begins to break down the walls of his seemingly impenetrable exterior, she starts to suspect that he holds the answers to her reoccurring nightmares and to the impossible memories which keep bubbling to the surface of her mind — memories of the two of them, together and in love.
When she at last learns the truth about their connection, Lillie discovers that Tom has been hiding an earth-shattering secret; a secret that is bigger — and much more terrifying and beautiful — than the both of them. She also discovers that once you finally understand that the world is round, there is no way to make it flat again. 
An epic and deeply original sci-fi romance, taking inspiration from Albert Einstein’s theories and the world-bending wonder of true love itself.

Review: Overall I REALLY enjoyed this book. I grabbed it because I liked the cover and I wanted to know WHAT the secret was. Well, without giving it away, I can’t say too much (don’t want to spoil it) but it was thankfully NOTHING that I thought it was (I was so worried that this was going to become another Twilight).

This book reminded me a lot of FRINGE (the TV show) and I loved that so much. There were a bunch of things that went over my head (and confused me) and I know that a lot of the science probably didn’t add up in the ‘real world’ but for me… that kind of stuff doesn’t effect how much I enjoy a story or not. To me… science is always changing and just because we believe something now doesn’t mean that it can’t change in the future… so yeah, while the science stuff might bother some readers, for me it did not.

I really liked all of the characters in this, the friends were a very dynamic group, and while Tom was your ‘gorgeous rich guy’ on the surface I did like that he didn’t fall prey to some of the typical tropes that most guys like that do.

The romance was pretty good, it was very slow burn, but I would have liked something a little more intense. The main character, Lillie, is obsessed with him, but it didn’t feel over the top, which was refreshing.

I HIGHLY enjoyed the writing in this, but… I did have a problem with the liberal uses of British phrases. This book is supposed to take place in small town America but… there are a lot of British phrases used (and not by Tom, who would have reason to use them). So this just felt a bit off…

Overall though, this was a very enjoyable read and if you get a chance you should check it out!

I received this ARC from Netgalley and wrote an honest review to say thank you!

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