July – Fourteen


Wintergirls — Laurie Halse Anderson — ★★★★★
If I Stay — Gale Foreman — ★★★★
Sky On Fire — Emmy Laybourne — ★★★★★
Dress Your Marines in White — Emmy Laybourne — ★★★★★
Pivot Point — Kassie West — ★★★★
Prep School Confidential — Kara Taylor — ★★★★  (arc)
Twenty Boy Summer — Sarah Ockler — ★★★★
How My Summer Went Up in Flames — Jennifer Salvato Doktorski — ★★★
In Honor — Jessi Kirby — ★★★★★
The Adoration of Jenna Fox — Mary E. Pearson — ★★★
The Program — Suzanne Young — ★★★★
When the World was Flat (and we were in love) — Ingrid Jonach — ★★★★ (arc)
The Distance Between Us — Kassie West — ★★★★
Angelfall — Susan Ee — ★★★★

Well I didn’t do too bad last month… LOTS of four-star reads. I’m not sure if it was what I was reading, my mood… but nothing really blew me away. Best book was Sky on Fire, followed closely by Wintergirls and In Honor. I was in the mood for contemporary (and it shows!) but towards the end of In Honor I started getting REALLY homesick for the USA and had to flip over to some END OF THE WORLD DOOM. Which Angefell gave me.

I also tried out Kassie West this month and I was really pleased with her stuff! I thought it was all solid 4-star work, and I look forward to reading more of her stuff and seeing her writing grow. I wont be trying out anymore Jenna Fox books, the first one just wasn’t for me. I cannot WAIT for the next Angelfall book and I’d like to give Sarah Ockler’s books more time when I’m in the mood for contemporary again (gimme a few weeks, haha!). I’m super sad that I’m out of Jessi Kirby books to read. 

Overall July was a month full good stuff, but a lot of very different things for me. This month I’m starting out with FEED by Mira Grant and if you want to watch me freak out about Zombies, follow me on goodreads cuz I guarantee you guys, it will be hilarious and horrifying!

And on a closing note… I thought this was interesting… but back at the start of the year when I made reading my goal for this year I gave myself a goal of 62 books. I’m now up to 75. Blew that OUT OF THE WATER. So I upped my goal to 100 and even though my reading has slowed down a tiny bit (and probably will slow down from here on out) I still can’t believe that I already passed my original goal.

Onward to August!!!



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