YeahYA in Canada


Back in July I had the chance to attend Harlequin Teen’s #YeahYA tour in Brampton, Ontario. The event featured five talented authors: Julie Kagawa, Katie McGarry, Aimee Carter, Amanda Sun, and Michelle Rowan (a.k.a Morgan Rhodes). It was quite the crowded event, as each author came out to wild cheers and fangirling, particularly, Julie Kagawa and Katie McGarry, famous for The Iron Fey series and Pushing Limits respectively.

Each woman took time out to explain their works, how they got into writing and YA in particular. Katie McGarry was hilarious, telling stories of how she wanted to get her crush to notice her (and fainting/smashing her head on a projector) and how she met her husband. By the way, her husband apparently knows what Noah and Isaac would say, often better than Katie herself. She was so funny, incredibly genuine! I enjoyed her talk a lot. Julie Kagawa also spoke of her inspirations, as well as her love of Final Fantasy VIII (boo!) and Dragon Age (Fenris!). She also signed my copy of The Immortal Rules, which I have not read yet (oops!), but I adored her Iron Fey series.



Amanda Sun talked about her inspirations, life in Japan, and being the creepy stalker on the bus who gets inspiration from people’s conversations. Amanda Sun and I met previous at Ad Astra wherein I got an ARC of Ink (which I loved and reviewed). We exchanged tea and hugs, and I gave her a toy Squall from Final Fantasy VIII, who rode in pictures on her Tomohiro My Little Pony. Aimee Carter discussed being a fanfic writer first (she was a big Harry Potter fan, who knew!) and I ended up getting my copy of The Goddess Test signed by her (a total guilty pleasure book!). She was so excited to talk to everyone. I also talked to Michelle Rowan about writing steamy scenes and her adult books, and she also wrote fanfic… Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfic. Michelle Rowan as HILARIOUS and she was very open to discussing a lot of her work and what it means to be a YA writer.

Overall, I had an amazing time at #YeahYA! I met a ton of amazing authors and fans. I ended up checking out a lot of new authors I wouldn’t have otherwise. I look forward to reading more of their works, and I hope the tour happens again very soon.


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