Go away, I’m READING


Prior to starting this blog many of you might not have been aware of just how much I read so… here’s some background. I read A LOT. I’ve read a lot my entire life. I have a clear memory of winning every single ‘read-a-thon’ in Elementary school (the ones where you kept track of your pages and won pizza). My ‘pages read’ line circled the classroom. Scholastic book fairs were HEAVEN. If my mom let me buy more than 3 books, my month was set.

Friday’s were ‘library nights’ and my sister and I would wait by the door, piles of finished books ready to be taken back. As soon as my mom would pull in the driveway we’d run out and jump in the car. I could have spent hours in the library, and I ended up reading just about everything they had to offer.

Going to the bookstore was, and still is, one of the joys in my life.


I went to school for writing and have a degree in Creative Writing. My dream and life goal is to publish a book (or two… or more…) and I worked in a bookstore for two years. While my taste and interest in books has changed a lot over the years, I have never lost my love of reading. I just… got quiet about it. I don’t have that many friends who are into the kinds of books I am, and that’s okay!

But, outside of goodreads I just… stopped talking about books in public. Call it a mix of embarrassment, shyness and guilt if you want… but I didn’t want people to judge me and the things that I read. I mean, I forced Twilight down SO MANY PEOPLE’S THROATS (and I am sorry and at the same time not…), and the more YA blew up into the main stream and pop culture, the more I wanted to hide my love for it…

SO, two years ago I made it my New Years resolution to basically stop giving a fuck about what anyone thought about me. My short time spent as a fashion/lifestyle/model blogger really put a lot of things into perspective for me and I just… needed to change my way of thinking. Quitting my old blog was the best thing I could have done for myself. Moving away from Tokyo and into the middle of nowhere was difficult, but it was good for me in many ways. It still is. And in the end I stopped caring what other people thought about me. And that spilled into me not caring if people are going to judge me based on the things that I read… so now I talk about books A LOT.


I ran across this Buzzfeed article yesterday: 17 Problems Only Book Lovers Will Understand. And number 2 hit me in the face. Ever since I started to read in ALL my spare moments (at work, on the train, etc.) I have noticed just how much people don’t seem to understand that when someone is reading a book it’s not an open invitation to strike up a conversation! Which then made me want to write this post where I will now address a question that has been popping up SO much lately that I feel… I needed to blog about it.

How do you have so much time to read?

I can’t believe how many people have asked me this in the past 8 months! It’s usually followed with ‘I wish I had as much free time as you, but I’m so busy with *insert hobby here*


READING. IS. MY. HOBBY. It is not something that I do because I lack a ‘proper hobby’. I MAKE time to read just like you make time to play video games or sports or draw pictures or whatever YOUR hobby is. I don’t read to kill time or because I’m bored. I don’t read because I have no friends (tho, to be honest, at the moment I don’t really have any local friends, which could be a whole other post, and I wont get into that… but temporary placement guys. I’m not living here forever). I DON’T READ FOR LACK OF ANYTHING BETTER TO DO.

Yes I might read 3 books a week just like you might run 30km a week or paint 3 pictures a week or beat 3 video games a week. I don’t understand why reading is put into this category of being something that you just do when you’re bored/killing time/pathetic.

So stop being jealous of all my ‘free time’. I’ll have you know that I’m very busy when I’m not reading, thank you very much.

3 thoughts on “Go away, I’m READING

  1. superhappyawesome

    I’ve been really enjoying watching the reader in you blossom so openly! I’ve always been a big reader too, and recently have come to realize how important it is to me, and how much I want to talk about books all the freaking time. A lot of my conversations these days include “Have you read…?” So, good on you for embracing what you love. Rock on! 😀

  2. Sandra

    I’ll print this out and hand it to all of my friends and strangers who don’t know any better!
    I feel your pain! I’m pretty much the same, only my family and closest friends know about my reading obsession. Others don’t really grasp that for some people reading actually is a hobby!
    Loved this post and your thoughts!

  3. kawaiicandie

    lol. i hate when people talk to me when i’m reading… then again, i just hate when people talk to me on the train period :p this doesn’t happen too much here, but back home, i use to ride the subway or bus and read WHILE listening to music at the same time, and there would still be morons that would try to chat me up. like, can you not see this big flashing “leave me alone” aura that is emating from me?! they would try to talk to me and then when i pretended to not hear them, they would actually poke me. sorry bro, that is not a good way to pick up a chick.


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