Tell All Your Friends

Well, this post has been a long time in coming, I was just hoping to put it off… but I, River, am going to have to go on Hiatus.

These next three months are going to be very important for my husband and I, and will possibly decide our future (and if we can go to the USA next year) so I need to focus on things other than blogging.

When I left my old blog I told myself that I would stay away from drama, that I wouldn’t let my blog affect my offline life, and that I would have fun. I am having fun and I’ve been like, 95% drama free. But I’m not able to do with this blog what I want to do. Ever since I brought Sam on as my co-blogger I’ve been wanting to do MORE with this blog. And I know that she does too (she has some AWESOME ideas) but… I just don’t have time. I update this thing like, once a week (thank goodness for scheduling… which is something that I once said I’d never use since I think that blogging should be done in the moment, and then published, not scheduled) and even then I have like, an hour or two at most. I can’t read other people’s blogs, and commenting is out of the question.

So I’ve asked Sam to step in and keep the reviews posting while I focus on what I NEED to focus on. (Be nice to her!)

And in December when things have settled down, I’m going to come back to blogging and Sam and I are going to turn this blog into something really awesome and fun. So for now… I’ve changed the name (just incase you’re wondering what happened to the old title) but it’s just temporary. Sam and I are going to come up with something awesome.

So until then you can keep up with me on twitter and goodreads since I plan to still use twitter (tho probably not as much as I do now) and I’m NOT going to quit reading (so I’ll keep posting ARC reviews on goodreads).

Take care!!!

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