ARC Review – Wake Up Missing, by Kate Messner


Title: Wake Up Missing
Author: Kate Messner
Rating: ★★★★★
Synopsis: Meet Quentin, a middle school football star from Chicago…
Sarah, an Upstate New York girls’ hockey team stand-out…
Ben, a horse lover from the Pacific Northwest…
And Cat, an artistic bird watcher from California.

The four have nothing in common except for the head injuries that land them in an elite brain-science center in the Florida Everglades. It’s known as the best in the world, but as days pass, the kids begin to suspect that they are subjects in an experiment that goes far beyond treating concussions…and threatens their very identities. They’ll have to overcome their injuries – and their differences – to escape, or risk losing themselves forever.

Huge thank you to Netgalley and Walker Children’s for allowing me the chance to review this book.

River’s Review:

When I started reading this I thought it was young adult and was a bit surprised when the kids all turned out to be 12. I checked here and found out it was MG, and that shifted my thoughts a little bit. I don’t know why, but as soon as I found out that Cat was only 12 I just felt SO overprotective of her. Anytime something bad seemed as if it was going to happen I just wanted to hug her and protect her from whatever it was. So my heart was in my throat the ENTIRE BOOK.

I normally shy away from MG because I don’t feel that I can really understand the younger characters that much. I’m not a teen anymore, but with YA I can still reflect back to those years (they weren’t THAT long ago) but I honestly don’t remember much from my pre-teen years (hmmm, maybe I’m older than I think…) so it’s harder for me to think about how I’d react if I was that age in that situation. But I’m glad that I read this because it was quite a refreshing change.

This book starts off with Cat going to a well known clinic that’s supposed to help her recover form a concussion that she suffered while bird watching. She meets some other kids who are staying at the clinic, all of them having suffered from a similar injury. The kids start to become suspicious that things aren’t quite what they seem and Cat and her friends start to do some digging and find out that these doctors aren’t quite what they seem to be…

I loved how REAL all of the kids felt. They’re sick and scared and just want their parents, but they know right from wrong and they’re so trusting but at the same time able to see through the bullshit and rely on themselves.

The pacing, tone and action in this book was so well done. I loved the writing too! I was pulled right in and cared about these kids and what happened to them SO much.

The end made me cry too. Always trust a mom. God, hugs to all these kids, all around.

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