Merry Christmas — From RIVER?!

Hey guys, check it out, I’m BACK! Merry Christmas! It’s officially Christmas here in Japan. I have to work (Christmas isn’t a national holiday here) so I’m up early to try and enjoy some festivities as much as I can (mainly just listening to Christmas music). I celebrated with the husband over the weekend though. We had a few lovely dates with lots of food and Christmas lights.


So… y’all must be wondering WHAT HAPPENED. I’ll write a huge post about that later in the week but my busy days are over for now! Only… next week is my winter vacation and husband and I are planning on traveling and I probably wont be back to BLOGGING-blogging until after the new year… but that’s okay! I have LOADS of fun stuff planned and I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things! But this past year has been crazy, both in my reading life and my personal life. Again, stuff I’ll blog about later. So for now, Merry Christmas, I hope Santa brings you piles and piles of books!


And since Sam posted her list of bookish-resolutions I think I’ll follow with my own:

1. Kill the eBook TBR pile: So 2013 was the year of eDeals and ARCs. I have omg, I don’t even know how many ARCs to read right now… but I also have about 40 eBooks that I bought over the year and… they’re just sitting on my eReader waiting to be read. AND I STILL KEEP BUYING MORE. So that READ ALL THE TBR LIST.

2. Book-buying ban: I used to limit myself to book that I REALLY REALLY WANTED and then I limited myself to edeals. Now I’m not even going to let myself buy those UNLESS it’s a new release (like, within the year) that’s on special sale. And even then it must be 1.99 or less.

3. Read all the ARCs first: My Netgalley dashboard is fairly under control but since I was pre-approved by HarperTeen AND Harlequin Teen on Edelweiss (and Simon Pulse seems to like me quite a fair bit now) my EW shelf is OUT OF CONTROL. I’ve devised a system for reading ARCs (I made shelves on goodreads listing the ARCs that I need to read for the month) and so far I’m killing it. So I really want to keep this up.

4. No more ‘Review to come’ reviews: Okay, so with my hiatus these past 6 months it’s a wonder that I even managed to READ all that I did… but part of that was because I wasn’t blogging and writing reviews… which was bad. I did submit feedback for NG & EW but they weren’t proper posted reviews half the time. Half of the books I read this past year have ‘review to come!’ reviews and I know that I’ll never actually get around to doing that… so now that I’m not so busy I really want to make sure to review things AT LEAST within the week of having finished it.

5. Giveaway books: If everything works out the way I pray it does… I should be moving back to the USA in 2014. This means packing and… packing. Also packing BOOKS. I don’t have that many physical books because I just don’t have space for them… but I have accumulated quite the pile over the past year and I know that a lot of these books I really don’t need nor will I ever read them again. So like Sam said, I might do a mystery box giveaway in the spring and give away some of these. I’m also going to give some to Sam (shhh, don’t tell her, haha). I really should only keep my favorites.

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