ARC Review – Going Rogue by Robin Benway

17934520Title:  Going Rogue

Author: Robin Benway

Rating: ★★★★ 1/2

Synopsis: Being permanently based in a local New York City high school as an undercover operative has its moments, good and bad, for 16-year-old safecracker Maggie Silver. Pros: More quality time with her former mark-turned-boyfriend Jesse Oliver and insanely cool best friend, Roux. Getting to spend quality time with her semi-retired and international spy honorary uncle, Angelo. Cons: High school and the accompanying cliques, bad lunches, and frustratingly simple locker combinations. But when Maggie’s parents are falsely accused of stealing priceless gold coins, Maggie uses her safecracking skills to try and clear their names. Too bad it only serves to put her and everyone she loves in danger. Maggie and her “new team” flee to Paris where they must come up with a plan to defeat their former allies.

Sam’s Review:

Huge thank you to Walker Children’s / Razorbill Canada for the advance reader’s copy of this book!

It’s official: I am a believer than Robin Benway’s books have the power to make you feel good about life. For all the insanity that Maggie Silver has in her life, I always appreciate the positive messages that Benway leaves for her readers to grab hold of and cherish.I admit to being hard on Also Known As. It hit a few of my YA pet peeves that really irked me causing it to be not be an instant favourite. Funny enough, the sequel Going Rogue has made me a fan. Perhaps its the fact that Maggie’s world feels a lot more settled and matured, or may be it was just the plot of Going Rogue worked better for me – its hard to really say why this book worked while the previous did not. While you have to have read Also Known As to enjoy Going Rogue, I felt like the plot and its characters were so much more solid here. The crisis Maggie and co. faced felt ten times more real than the previous book, and overall, Maggie’s parents were real parents in this book. That was my biggest beef with the original book, so I’m glad that in this book they came across a lot more realistic, if still just as quirky as ever.

Also Maggie and Jesse are still freakin’ adorable. They are such a wonderfully sane couple despite all the circumstances and insanity they face. When Jesse created the alphabet of Maggie, I nearly died of laughter. In fact, this book is really made of smiles and laughter. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments that it was hard to be frustrated with it. Maggie is still a terrible spy, but I love that she constantly tries. She felt much more mature and realistic in this book and her voice was still as infectious as ever.

And Roux and Angelo! I am so happy that they got the endings they did. No spoilers, but they were my favourite characters so of course I was rooting for them to find some sense of happy in their lives! I think everyone in this book has such a wonderfully positive attitude (yes, even Roux) and perhaps that’s what worked for me most of all.

Going Rogue is such a snappy, fast-paced read. It’s for those who want a little action, a little romance, and a whole lot of fun. It doesn’t expect a lot from its reader, it just expects that the reader has a charming ride from start to finish. Read Also Known As and then grab Going Rogue and I swear you’ll have a lot of fun with this series.


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