TTT – Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.  

Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

River’s top five

1. Accurate foreign settings – None of this ‘I googled all my info’ shit. Or ‘I ~lived~ there for a few months’. I ABHOR books that are written with a foreign setting that are clearly half done. Most of the time the author has the street level facts correct (anyone can google and zoom on google maps) but things always go WAY too well for our MC. Especially books set in Japan. These are the ones that grate on me the most. I want to see some culture shock. I want to see the actual struggles that foreigners (usually in the case of YA, young white girls from the USA) go through when they get taken out of their comfort zone and put into a foreign setting.

2. Male POV – I really love books told from the male POV. But most of the time the ones that I’ve read feel forced. I’m not saying that female writers can’t write a convincing male voice, but most of the time it’s like a few ‘bros’ and ‘dudes’ and references to their genitalia is enough to write a convincing male voice. And it’s not.

3. Less ‘slept with a guy once, didn’t use protection, oops havin’ a baby’ more ‘I made bad choices and I accept this… it happens’ plots – Guys, I know how reproduction works. I know that it ‘only takes once’. And while I really don’t like pregnancy stories, I cannot stand the ones where the MC got pregnant after having unprotected sex just once. I know that this is done so the MC doesn’t look like a slut and can keep some of her innocence intact/ make it seem even more like an accident, but it drives. me. crazy. Maybe because it just feels too forced. I want the MC to own up to their bad choices.

4. Space pirates – HAHA! I’m totally copying Sam on this, but I love space, I love pirates. I love sexy swashbuckling men owning their space ship being all sassy and… okay I love Firefly. I don’t want copies of Firefly, but this theme is great.

5. Bff stories – Especially male/female friendships! And not always ones that lead to romantic relationships. One of the things that I adored in the Under the Never Sky trilogy was the relationship between Aria and Roar. I loved their strong friendship and how it never turned into a love triangle. I would LOVE more of this.


Sam’s top five

1. Cancer Stories Done Right – One of my biggest issues with a lot of books (YA and not) is that they often don’t try to strengthen their characters who have cancer or an illness. They often get written with this mentality that “omg my life is over,” which yes can be a real possibility, but why does it have to be? Why can’t we have characters who suffer from cancer and who have kick ass attitudes on how to cope with it? I mean, most cancer patients attempt to live a normal life, regardless of what stage they are, so why do we keep going back to this “woes me” characterization? I don’t like it personally, and I find as a reader who has a parent with cancer that a lot of the time it’s unrealistic for me.
2. Space Pirates / Sky Pirates – I just love the idea of sky/space pirates.Then again, I may just be a huge fan of pirates. Yar. Also space ships and air ships are always huge pluses in my books!
3. A genuinely ugly boy/girl – If there’s one YA stereotype I hate it’s the “super hot girl who doesn’t know she’s hot and tries to play it off like she’s not” card. It’s awful and unrealistic – don’t do it. When I say ugly, I mean ugly personality or even just unattractive. The reason I love Courtney Summers’ books is that she writes these ugly girls who think they are hot but totally are not – they are ugly, malicious, and just plain awful.Not every boy/girl is going to be super attractive, and I just hate that whole “I’m not pretty but omg boy has insta-love feelings for me.” I just find it frustrating.
4. More circus stories – maybe this is just more of a personal preference, but as much as I hate clowns, I LOVE the circus.I love the positive energy circus’ provide – the thrill, the daring, the exciting, the fun.I just adore it!
5. Alien stories with actual aliens, not hot boys posing as aliens – I like alien stories and I feel like they always get toned down in YA because it’s always a boy who is SUPERHOT who looks human and isn’t, instead of like, an actual alien. I wasn’t fond of <i>I Am Number Four</i> for this reason, though I understood why the author chose that method. I dunno, I just want less hot boy aliens and more Farscape style aliens.



14 thoughts on “TTT – Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

  1. thebookheap

    I couldn’t agree more with the disability/illness and the “ugly/pretty” insta-love points!!

    the lack of friendship in YA lit is a massive problem, it’s so under appreciated and ignored and yet, most of what gets you through your crappy teenage years is your friends- not your boyfriend of 1 week.

      1. thebookheap

        shame they seem to put more emphasis on relationships. The girl’s lift “dramatically changes when so-and-so-hot-guy walks into the room”…sorry, didn’t their life change when they met their best friend of the next 10 years?

  2. booksofamber

    4./2. Space pirates! YES. It would be an excellent mix of my two favourite things – science fiction and pirates.

    I would also love more circus stories! Have you read The Saga of Darren Shan? The circus isn’t a huge part of it, but it’s heavily featured in some of the books and I think it’s what kicked off my obsession.

    1. river Post author

      I once did a NaNoWriMo with space pirates in it! They were attacked by space velociraptors. Oh man, if only I could have gotten that published… ha!

  3. Vanessa Cadrin

    i agree with most of these! especially the foreign settings one!! it’s really annoying! and as an extension of that, when characters supposedly speak a foreign language, but oops, there’s blatant grammar mistakes, or word-order mistakes in ’em, i mean, for fuck’s sake! do not assume that no one reading your book can speak that language!!


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