Book Chat – A Book Written Just For Me

Have you ever read a book and thought: “Wow, this book felt like it was written just for me!” A book that has themes, ideas, concepts, anything really that just screams “me!” I love when I read a book and feel like the author has gone into my head because of themes or ideas that I often think about. Or heck, even if the book has similar interests to my own I often count it.

18599748My choice for a book like this is: Guy in Real Life by Steve Brezenoff.

After finishing the book a few weeks ago and then Interviewing the author over, I found myself having one of those moments. First off, it’s a book about gamers, particularly two people who play RPGs (role-playing games) in various forms: Lesh likes massive-multiplayer games, while Svetlana loves Dungeons and Dragons. The novel’s key theme is looking at the roles we play in our lives, but uses gaming as an element to drive the narrative forward. In a lot of ways Brezenoff has written a sweet, if touching look at gamers, particularly those who feel like  oddballs because of the things that they love. 

In reading “Guy In Real Life,” I find myself completely nodding along with the story. Both Lesh and Svetlana are social outcasts, but their voices are distinctive and natural. Their views of the world around them feel valid, if selfish at times. While I don’t play MMOs (I do play tabletop RPGs from time to time), I know what it’s like to get so invested in a game (or even a book) and just escape reality to avoid dealing with problems. There’s a desire to want people to understand who you are. I admit it took me a long time to feel comfortable with myself, but when I finally did I had people love me ten times more, but I equally had people who left me because our tastes had changed. For me role-playing games are huge part of my life, heck I write for an RPG based website in my spare time! We always have fear of change, but we also have to accept who we are as well, even if others don’t. That is what I truly connect with when it comes to “Guy in Real Life.”

River’s Choice: “The Scorpio Races” by Maggie Stiefvater

I think out of the most recent pile of books I’ve read, the one that I really felt was made for 9780545224918_p0_v2_s260x420me was Maggie Stiefvater’s The Scorpio Races. SAY WHAT?! Not The Raven Boys? Haha, while that is the best book IN THE WORLD, I don’t feel that it was made for me (or that I can do it justice with anything I could write about it) but when I read The Scorpio Races I totally felt like it was just for me.

Why? Well… let’s back up a bit. A long time ago a friend recommended it to me. And I looked at the cover and looked at the blurb and got ‘scorpio’ mixed up in my head with ‘scorpion’ and just had this image of like, people in Egypt racing across the desert on horses while trying to outrun scorpions or something. IDEK OKAY. I just didn’t have ANY interest in it. 

But then came The Raven Boys and my undying love for Maggie Stiefvater was bone. So I picked this book up and it sat on my shelf and then I was all ‘okay self, give it a try!’ and when I did HOLY GOODNESS.

Maggie Stiefvater + Horses + Ocean

Those three elements had me hooked and it was like she was writing this for me. Not only do I currently live by the sea, it has always been my dream to live by the sea (yay life dream realized!). I also used to ride horses (all through middle & high school) and I wanted to be a jockey (but I was too tall) and race horses (life dream not realized). So all through this book I was just able to picture this as basically my pre-teen fantasy life come true. There were also little elements scattered through the story that were mirror images of my life (small town, mom-made sweaters, etc. etc.)

I even bought this book for my mom for Christmas because I thought it would remind her of me so much. (Plus I always have to share the Maggie Stiefvater love!)

So as much as I love and adore and obsess over The Raven Boys (Ganseyyyyyyy) I feel like THIS book was the one that was crafted just for me (ha! I wish it was).

So River and I want to know: what books have you read lately that have made you feel like it was written just for you?Let us know in the comments!


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