River & Sam’s Book Confessions



River’s Confessions

I know we’re all very particular about our reading habits: that some of us dog-ear our books and others cry over the though. (I’m actually 50-50 on that, some of my books look like they’ve been through war while others look as if they’ve never been touched) We all have our book-quirks so here are some of mine…


I HATE HARDCOVERS. Le gasp! I know, they’re so pretty and shiny and have dust jackets and special art and blah blah blah. I love LOOKING at hardcovers. But I hate actually having them. They’re too heavy, they take up too much space, I’m always ruining that damn dust jacket and it’s IMPOSSIBLE to take it anywhere. Because of this a lot of my books don’t match (did I hear another collective gasp?). Many of my series are mainly paper back with a few hardcovers mixed in. Some of my series even taper off into eBooks. AHHHHHHH.


I LOVE EBOOKS. Or maybe it’s more that I love my kindle? Because I would marry it if I could. I once swore that I’d never get an eReader and then I did and now I’m obsessed with it. Not only can I get super cheap eBooks, but E-ARCS. AHHHHHHH. I love them. So much. I’d marry them too. Also my kindle is so much more portable and so much easier to read while commuting or on break at work.


UNORGANIZED SHELVES. My shelves are NOT like this. Not at all. My books are laying all over and have no order. Well… they have some. I have a pile for ‘read’ and another pile for ‘to read’. I also stack them by size. Kinda. IT’S A MESS. When I move and have a real book shelf I WILL fix this. Maybe.


I LOVE DESTROYED BOOKS. But I hate being the one to destroy them. This is why I’m on the fence about dog-earing pages. If it’s my own book or one that I borrowed, then I’m usually very careful with it. But if it’s one that someone gave me (not to borrow) and it’s already a mess… BEND THAT BABY RIGHT UP. My mom actually bent the spine on my Mila 2.0 ARC and I didn’t mind because I just felt like I had free license to ruin it more. My husband let me borrow one of his books and man… what a mess. He writes all over his books and bends the spines and pages… it’s so exciting to be able to destroy a book. But I just feel SO guilty if I’m the one making it go from unmarred to cracked and bent and crazy looking. So please, feel free to ruin MY books for me.

Sam’s Confessions

1.       I rarely DNF a book. – I am the type of person whether it is reading a book or playing a video game, I like to complete it and go down with a sinking ship even if I despise it. I’m the type of person who always hopes a book will have redeeming factors that will often take it from a 1 to a 2. I also feel super guilty when I don’t finish something because I know that is someone else’s hard work that I’m being asked to provide an opinion of. According to Goodreads I only have four books on my DNF shelf, but I feel like I should learn to be okay with not finishing something.


2.       I have a Shelf of Shame – Some of you have seen pictures of the Shelf of Shame, aka my TBR pile. It consists of over 300 physical books because I have a book buying problem. I also have about 90+ books on my Kindle (stupid awesome $1.99 sales and ARCs!). I can go for months where I only buy one book, but then the following month I often find myself binging because I missed out on something.

3.       I struggle to break up with the library – I confess, I adore my local library! It is great at keeping up with the latest releases and there are always new books to be explored. A lot fo the time I will come out with four to eight new books to read (often a variety of graphic novels, picture books, middle grade, ya, all research, totally! …no, not really) when I should be focusing on the books I’ve bought. I am bad about this.

4.       I am a mood reader, but I am not a picky reader – I find I am often a mood reader. I’m the person who reads a few pages and if it fits how I’m feeling, I start reading. If a book rubs me the wrong way, I have no problem putting it down and starting something else. I craving different kinds of books every day, but I’m not actually picky about the types of books I read be it level or genre. I wish I could be pickier, but I like being the type of person who has an open-mind towards a lot of books. I feel like it’s the only way to find out if you like something or not.

5.       I (mostly) have no preference towards format – I am just really am not fond of audiobooks. It’s weird because I love podcasts and podcasting, but audio books oddly don’t do it for me. I think it’s because I’d rather have the feeling of something in my hands, and I am oddly not a fan of having headphone in my ears.

12 thoughts on “River & Sam’s Book Confessions

  1. superhappyawesome

    I hate hardcovers too! So bulky, so easy to feel bad about messing them up! And my Kindle, my love…I still buy physical books for art related things, but if it’s not a visual book then I vastly prefer it to be on the ereader!

    1. river Post author

      They’re SO inconvenient for living in Japan, aren’t they? I love Western style books (beautiful covers!) but I really like the size of Japanese books.

      I like to grab physical copies ever now-and-then, especially if it’s one of my favorite books/authors/series, but I use my kindle about 85% of the time!

  2. Amy McNulty

    I’ve always preferred paperback to hardcover, too! For many of the same reasons, mostly it’s heavier. Nice looking on my shelf, but I hate how my series are part paperback, part hardcover, too.

    And I also rarely DNF! Idk why, but I can’t bring myself to do that, even if it means I devote months to read one book because I can’t read more than a few minutes at a time. I did DNF a series once, though (Eragon) because the third book took me so long to get through I couldn’t take any more.

    1. river Post author

      I feel bad saying that I like ARCs because they’re always paperback but… for that reason alone I wish more new releases came out in paperback AND hardcover. I’d probably buy a lot more physical books if they did!

      I used to never DNF but I just have so many books to read now that I can’t afford to spend days slugging through something that I don’t want to read. Or worse, wont read and then I get distracted by other things and never get ANYTHING read. So I just taught myself that it was okay!

  3. ventureadlaxre

    This line really made me stop and think: “I’m the type of person who always hopes a book will have redeeming factors that will often take it from a 1 to a 2.”
    I think that’s such a good way of looking at it. I’m afraid I can’t force myself to finish books unless I’m reading them for judging purposes, and I did indeed find a handful that I ended up liking much more than I did for the first third (or even two thirds) so I really should try to do it more often.
    I can’t stand hard covers either. And I still collect books like no ones business even if I am mostly restricted to my kindle thanks to the issue with my hands, but I honestly think I’d love my kindle regardless. They really do simply make it so much easier to take your reading with you everywhere so much easier.

    1. river Post author

      I used to force myself to finish everything but it was taking it’s toll sooooo I’ve taught myself that it’s okay to give up on some books. I can’t like everything!

      I’m SO happy that I’m not alone in my dislike for hardcovers! Kindle really is great for traveling! Without it I probably wouldn’t be reading at all due to how expensive books are in Japan.

      1. ventureadlaxre

        Actually yeah, I was so surprised by how expensive books (and DVDs) were in Japan. I thought they’d be cheap; especially the trade manga.
        Books are ridiculously expensive in Australia. At least $20 for a new trade, and up to $35 or so for a larger sized book – http://www.dymocks.com.au/
        The first time I went to England I literally broke my suitcase from buying too many books. They’re so cheap there, even with how well the pound is against our dollar. I snapped the retractable handle thingy thing.

  4. Melissa Giorgio

    If I’m going to buy a book (and hopefully get it signed), I’d rather it be hardcover. They’re so pretty (and I always take the dustcover off when reading it so I don’t ruin it!). Paperbacks are much easier to read, I agree. But I am the type that can’t let anything happen to my books, so when I read paperbacks that I own, I barely crack it open because I don’t want to crease the spine! And I don’t let people borrow my books because if they mess them up, I go crazy.

    I very rarely DNF a book as well! I figure if I’m already 100-200 pages in, I might as well keep going and hope for the best.

    1. river Post author

      I always end up destroying the dust jacket, even if I take it off. It’s so annoying! I do think that hardcovers are prettier, but I actually like the feeling of paperbacks better… which is probably really weird.

      I just have too many books to read now to not give up on the ones that I am not enjoying. I still feel really bad, but if I let myself get stuck then I’ll just stay stuck and never get anything finished. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often.

      1. Melissa Giorgio

        I take the dust jacket off, put it on my bookshelf, and don’t touch it until I finish the book. I used to slide it off and put it back on each time I read it, but that got annoying. I agree; I like the feel of paperbacks as well!

  5. kawaiicandie

    omg, i hate hardcovers too… XD for all the reasons you said, AND they’re fucking pricey. I’m really anal about keeping my books as pristine as possible though! no dog-earring and no spine-bending for this girl! and god forbid i lend someone a book and they do that to it!! i will never lend you anything again!! lol. I also almost never DFN, i just feel like i have to struggle on til the end… even if it sucks! (and then i fantasize about the horrible review that i’m going to leave on Goodreads… lol).

    the “shelf of shame” cracked me up… i thought it was gonna be where you stash your 50-shades-of-grey type books… lol. 300?! geez…

    i like this post! fun meme!

    1. river Post author

      Hey now! I do NOT ruin other people’s books unless they COME TO ME already a hot mess 😛 So if your book is the most beautiful thing ever then I will like, wear gloves while touching it. I actually donated some books to the library today and she was like OMFG THEY ARE SO PRETTY because I don’t actually destroy my own books. I’m just really weird idek.

      HAHAHAHA I love Sam’s shelf-of-shame!


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