TTT – Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

toptentuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger/Reader

Sam’s Top Five

1. I never used to be a hardcore blogger, but I’ve always been a writer in a lot of ways. Unlike most of my friends who focus on fiction writing, I’ve often focused my attention to the technical side of writing, and I’ve done Games Journalism for the last six years of my life. Blogging is such a different experience because it’s a much more personal experience, and I get to be myself and actually use *I* without freaking out because it’s the golden no no in journalism. The personal side makes me feel a bit more comfortable, and it’s a comfort I’ve needed for a long while. I’ve always been a hardcore reader, though, which I’m sure scares a lot of people considering how fast I can devour a book.

2. I get to meet others who have similar interests. I’ve really enjoyed talking to and meeting a lot of other bloggers who have similar interests. I love been active in other people’s projects, and it was a real treat last year to participate in Austen in August Over @ The BooK Rat . It was nice to get out of my comfort zone and participate in something bloggish that wasn’t just for me.

3. Book Clubs! I LOVE them. I miss having a physical book club, but I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the three clubs that I associate with: Book Club Fiction (over @livejournal, where I mod), WednesdayYA Book Club (hosted by @The Book Rat and @lizpatanders), and The Back Seat Book Club (hosted by the Backseat Producers, I’m often on the podcasts for this frequently). I just love talking about books I’ve read and it’s great to talk to people who are equally passionate readers/bloggers.

4. I love discovering new authors. I think it’s insanely important to diversify what you read, so I try never to stick to a genre. I love seeing what other bloggers are reading and championing, so often make a lot of mental notes to check out what folks are into.

5. River — if it wasn’t for River, I don’t think I’d ever get back into blogging the way I have. It really is thanks to her and her encouragement that I am able to do this, and I love that she doesn’t judge me for who I am as a reader or my crazy ideas and long ass e-mails of rambling fangirlisms. She really keeps my reading life informed and always entertaining, so thanks River!

Plus, we have our cult of Maggie. Raven Boys 4 Evar. *ultra gangsta pose*

River’s Top Five

1. Reader — It makes me feel smart! This is probably so sad, but reading just makes me feel smart. I’m not really that good at keeping up with politics or pop culture and whenever I’m in a group of my husband’s colleagues who are all researchers and computer scientists I can’t help but feel like the least intelligent one in the group. So when Husband brags to them about how much I read (and write) I feel like wow, I’m not doing too bad. I also learn a lot from reading, which helps with the feeling smart part.

2. Blogging — It keeps me writing. I’ve been a writer since I was in 2nd grade (when I wrote my first series: an illustrated collection of short stories about my dog & my uncle’s dogs’ adventures). When I moved to Japan I lost focus on my fiction writing, but then I started a fashion/lifestyle blog and that really kept my writing skills sharp (it also helped me get some magazine articles published). So even though I’m not always working on my novel (which I know, I should, I should) at least blogging and writing reviews keeps my fingers on the keyboard.

3. Reader — Inspiration! As I said, I’m a writer, but I have the WORST writing habits. I’m a big ‘inspiration’ writer and often find myself pounding out the words after having read something ahhhhhmazing. So I feel like I’m always on a quest for inspiration through reading.

4. Blogging — Connecting with new people! I love love LOOOOVE how close Sam and I have gotten since I dragged her into this blog madness. I mean, we’ve always been friends (known each other for years! Used to hang out at Borders when she’d visit Michigan back in the day) but after moving to Japan I let A LOT of things slide… friendships included. Blogging (about books) has really brought me closer to a lot of people and I hope that I can keep making great connections! Especially when I move to the USA. (Anyone from Boston????)

5. Reading — I’m NEVER bored. I… get bored easily. I often lose interest in things half way (another one of my bad writing habits)  and find myself jumping from one thing to another. But when I’m reading I can just relax and focus and de-stress. I take my kindle or a book with me EVERYWHERE so if I’m ever stuck waiting (or trapped on the train for TWO AND A HALF HOURS like last weekend oh god) I’ll have something to do with that time.

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