River’s February Failures!

As you read this I am probably trudging through the most snow I’ve seen since 2009 or on an airplane returning to Japan… yes this is a post from the past! Written before the end of February because (as you will read later) I took a quick trip to the USA for SECRETS. I’m in/was in Boston and that is all you get to know for now!

Maaaaaaan, February sucks. It always sucks. It’s cold and dreary and it seems like spring is SO close but SO far away and there’s stupid valentines day and stupid winter and stupid book slumps. Yes, I suffered from THE WORST bookslump I’ve had in… forever.killing sing

I present to you my February Failures. There was nothing WRONG with these books. You might have even enjoyed the hell out of them. They were just not for me. I gave them all a fair chance, but I ended up DNFing each one. I have NEVER quit so many books in a row before. Nothing was sticking and it made me sad and unmotivated and rather than taking a break or slugging through these, I just was very honest with myself (and the publishers) and put them away.

18820442 Panic_HC_JKT_des4.indd
now tease

Thankfully I had these four AMAAAAAAZING reads to make up for it! Once I got my groove back I blew through these babies and wow. All four were 4.5 stars or above. (Don’t worry, reviews will come soon!)

Other than that… it snowed (and y’all saw the photos) and I got trapped on the train for 2.5 hours during a windstorm last week! Freaky times, but I was SO glad that I had my kindle with me. I read forever and it was really nice.

I also started volunteering at the local library! It’s fun and interesting and difficult (because I have to do everything in Japanese) but I’m really enjoying it a lot! I’m going to ask if I can take some photos and write a blog post about it. I think it’s something that would be super interesting for the blog!

There are a few other things that are totally secrets for now, but after this is posted and I return home and sort things out I can probably start spilling some beans. Until then… no more book slumps!

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