One — Before & AFTER

In case you missed what this feature is about… check out my post here: BEFORE & AFTER

So how did the two that I chose hold up? You might be surprised (or not, if you already read my reviews).

18106481Remember how excited I was about this? Well check out my review here. Yes, only 2.5 stars. This was sadly not as gritty and sexy as I had hoped. It was incredibly underwhelming, Nearly was smart, but not as cunning as I had hoped, and the love story was just gag, gag, gag. I didn’t swoon at all. SO SAD. I really did want to love this. HEART CRUSHED.

takingHoly hell I LOVED this! You can read my review here if you want the long version. But short version: this surpassed my expectations. The romance worked for me, Kyra and the mystery surrounding her worked for me. The pacing, the writing, the craziness… it all just worked and I loved it all so much. SO happy I gave this book a try!


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