Co-blogger appreciation post — Why we love Sam!


These are Sam’s puppies. THEY KILL ME WITH THE CUTE! 

I’ve been slowly writing this post in my head for the past month and I finally have it all ready to actually put down on uh, paper? But I wanted to tell y’all about my co-blogger, Sam, and why she is SO AWESOME.

Last summer, a few months after I changed this blog into a book blog, I realized that I didn’t have time to actually keep up with it due to a lot of personal reasons. Rather than take a six month hiatus, I asked Sam if she’d like to co-blog with me and she SAVED MY LIFE (and this blog). I really don’t think that this blog would be where it is now if it wasn’t for her. And last month, even after I basically ~came back to the living~ she’s kept up with the blog and I HEART HER FOR IT SO MUCH. As most of you know, I’m moving back to the USA this summer and while I’m not AS busy as I was last fall, I’m still pretty busy, and my head is full of lots of craziness with the moving and what not. So Sam is still saving my life by posting on here with me and keeping me motivated to read.

So how did I meet Sam? Well, THE INTERNET, DUH. We actually met on Livejournal (holla!) back in high school. Which is like a bajillion years ago. We were part of a group of friends who liked anime, manga, music, and BOOKS. Sam and I actually have a mutual friend whom we’d both visit (shout out to Steph!) and we would go to Borders and buy fantasy books and trade anime burned onto CD-Rs (oh~ those were the days).

After I moved to Japan I became the worst friend in the world (and I still kinda am… apologies to everyone) and kinda basically lost contact with everyone. I stopped posting in livejournal, but thankfully kept up with Twitter. I did not keep up with reading (as I’ve posted about before) but then when husband and I moved to THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE (and left sparkly Tokyo) I had no friends, nothing to do, and I basically became a hermit who watched TV and read books all the time.

Annnnnnd then Sam and I started to chat about books on twitter and I asked her how she was getting so many advanced copies of things and she introduced me to Netgalley and then we basically just started to talk about books ALL. THE. TIME. And it was awesome. And we totally reconnected and have just been having a great time ever since.

But the other awesome thing about Sam is that because we were already once pretty good friends, it was super easy to fall back into a friendship and keep it going. Now I can send her fangirly OMG THIS BOOK!!! comments or I can write her an OMFG I AM SO TERRIFIED TO MOVE STRESS TEARS SOBBING email without worrying if it’s too weird or personal or whatever. Books and personal things. And I really need that in my life. There’s a lot of pressure coming at me from a lot of different places and I don’t really have a lot support at the moment. A lot of my friends are in Tokyo, my family is on the other side of the world, and while I do talk to all of them, sometimes I need to NOT talk about things too. And with Sam I can talk books and she is totally OKAY with that.

So this is a post about why my co-blogger, Sam, is awesome, and not only because she’s an awesome co-blogger, but because she’s a good friend who has cute puppies and keeps me sane.

How about you guys? Who’s your best blogging buddy? Your best book buddy? If you have a co-blogger let me know why they are SO AWESOME!


5 thoughts on “Co-blogger appreciation post — Why we love Sam!

    1. river Post author

      Melissa you will forever be my best book friend. I don’t even think I’d read half of the books I do if it wasn’t for you.

    2. samcmar

      Seriously, between you and River, I don’t think I’d read half of what I do, nor would my desire to be a children’s librarian be as strong as it is. I really, REALLY have both of you to thank for that.


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