Two – before & AFTER

In case you missed what this feature is about… check out my post here: BEFORE & AFTER

So how did the two that I chose hold up? You might be surprised (or not, if you already read my reviews).

endI LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! Five full stars. You can check out my review here, but basically it started off kinda weak and I was thinking about 3 stars but then it built up and exploded with AMAZINGNESS and Miles was great and I loved his and Juneau’s relationship and the banter between them and the writing was wonderful and THE ENDING OMG. So yes, I was so excited for this and thankfully my instincts were spot on! This was also one of my top-5-for-2014. You guys are going to want to read this one.

lilygravesSadly this one did not hold up. I was super scared to read it and while I may have loved Strohmeyer’s pervious books, this one didn’t hold a candle to ‘Smart Girls’. You can see my review here on goodreads (it will be up on the blog later) but man, I wanted so much more from this.

Have you read either of these? What did you think? Leave me your opinion in the comments!


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