River & Sam’s Fave Books of April

So between River and I, we read and reviewed a crap ton of books in April. It probably helped in my case that exams finished pretty early in the month (and I got my grades, one B, the rest were all As!) so I got back into pleasure reading for the book ban (I’ve read 9/15, I scrapped the age groups when I realized I just wanted to read whatever I felt like). So, let’s jump into River and I’s favourites, shall we?

River’s Pick:


After the End by Amy Plum

After the End by Amy Plumn was appeared in River’s Before & After feature and she admitted that she was nervous, but excited to read this. Well, she gave it a whooping FIVE STARS. Looks like I need to get off my butt and read it soon. Perhaps on my plane ride to Disney at the end of the month (’cause that’s a good idea with a post-apocalyptic novel!). Needless to say, she’s fangirled this one at me, and when River keyboard-smash fangirls, I’m usually in (if I said reluctantly in, she’d smack me).

Sam’s Pick:


The Castle Behind Thorns by Merrie Haskell



The Soul Healer by Melissa Giorgio

I struggled last month, toying over what was my favourite book from the month and in the end it’s a tie. First off, Merrie Haskell’s books are just so imaginative and creative, and I’ve enjoyed her work previously, so when I read The Castle Behind Thorns, I was amazed how glued I was to the book and how much I adored the characters. This is one you should definitely pay attention to when it releases in May. As for The Soul Healer, I broke my book ban for Melissa (and since then, have not done it again. End of May needs to come faster). I thought this sequel was actually better than the first book and I was so emotionally invested that I’m pretty sure Melissa wrote certain, tormenting scenes, smirking and going “Sam is going to hate me.” Well, I don’t hate you (never could) but dammit, you leave my poor character alone! He’s adorbs and that ending hurt so BADLY.

So there you have it! These were River and I’s favourite books that we read in April. What was yours? Anything you hope to get to in May? I know I’ve got a list. Will I get through all of it? I Doubt it. Also enter our MYSTERY BOX GIVEAWAY! HERE!


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