River’s moving to BOSTON — MIT & the USA

mitIn case you can’t read what the inscription on this building says, I will spell it out for you:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

You’ve heard of it right? Oh yes, because it’s super famous and hard to get into. And I am proud to say that my husband GOT IN. This fall he will be starting his PhD in Computer Science at MIT. And the two of us will be leaving Japan and moving to Boston to start the next phase of our life.

csailThe CSail building, where husband will be spending the next 5 years of his life researching about AI and robotics.

Let me take a moment to AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Sometimes I still can’t believe that it’s real. When I met husband five years ago he couldn’t even speak English. But he told me that he wanted to go to the USA to get a PhD. To me it just seemed like something in the future that might happen. But to him, it was the first goal of many. And when he not only became fluent in English, but also began to take the tests that are required for graduate school (TOEFL & GRE) what seemed like an impossible dream to me was starting to become WAY more real. And it scared me. But also awed me. Watching someone strive for, and then reach their goal, it’s amazing.

IMG_4763Boston, MA March 2014

I wont lie, going through all of this with him was difficult. There were a lot of tears, a lot of blood, and buckets of sweat. It really tested our relationship, and I’m so happy that in the end, after two years (yes, it took that long to finish his applications — he applied to SIX schools, not only MIT) when the acceptances started to roll in (he was accepted for more than just MIT too) I wasn’t surprised. He worked hard, and he deserved it. And I’m so proud of him. And sorry not sorry but I can’t help but brag! (I even bought an MIT sweatshirt).

So what does this mean? Well, right now we’re just going through the preliminaries that international students need to study abroad (visa, vaccines, etc). We have housing (an on campus apartment) and now we just need to figure out when we’re going to move (sometime in July or August) and I need to find a job! (Anyone have any job leads in the Boston/Cambridge area? Book related????) I’m planning on getting some lame part time thing until I can find something better, but I’d REALLY love to work in a bookstore again. And then when we’re finally settled in…I’m going to focus on myself and kick my novel back into gear.

BOSTON PEEPS. Let’s be friends! I’m planning on going to ALL the book events EVER now that I’ll be back on US ground. And I’d love to have cohorts!


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