So River and I decided that June was a free-for-all month (well for River, as she’s stated she’s going to read what she feels like between now and when she moves, I’m waffling back and forth between a schedule and being like, to hell with it). But we decided to do a monthly no pressure feature called “Book Swap!” where we pick a book for each other that is in our backlogs and we go “READ IT!” at each other. At the end of the month, we’ll tell you how it went. This is a low pressure feature, so if we decided to DNF or bail, it’s totes allowed, no judgement and all that candy corn jazz. We even have special Goodreads shelves for crazy silly things like this and I love that River always plays along with my silly. Her shelf is totally “did-it-for-the-sammy” and mine for her is “river-made-me-do-it.” We have all the love for each other!

On with the book selections! So here’s what I selected for River…


Get Well Soon by Julie Halpern

So I was in love with The F-it List last year, so much so that I beg/screamed/flailed/demanded that River read it, and she did (because I am a brat). I read this book earlier in the year and it was a quick read with the same signature sarcastic humor that Halpern’s heroines have. Hopefully River enjoys it (if not, she can give me crap and be like SAMMERS YOU STINK!)

And River’s pick for me…

17623143Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

This should be no surprise as this was the Christmas gift I got from my co-blogger and I am a jerk who hasn’t read it yet. It’s also one of River’s favourite books from last year! Plus she said I will probably get completely sucked in and then read it in a day. Those are seriously my favourite kind of books. Also this seems to have pretty-ugly-people which, if you notice on this blog, is something River and I lovelovelove. We can’t help it, we like reading about shitty people doing shitty things. It’s our thing, what can I say?

Have you read any of these? Think they are good picks/bad picks/omg why aren’t you guys reading The Fault in Our Stars right now picks? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll let you know what WE think at the end of the month.

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