Book Ban – Completed!


Not all of the books I read are featured here. đŸ˜¦

So the book ban finished on the 1st of June, but I was away from my computer then. In fact, I was still in Disney World, the happiest place on earth (and I had a great time). Honestly this was a great experiment and I only broke my ban once (for the low price point of $3 to support Melissa Giorgio’s newest release, which I then read and nearly threw my Kindle because that ending broke my heart). I did successfully read fifteen books, but I failed to diversify a lot of what I read, but truthfully I don’t care.

I succeed at my goal and I made a dent my physical backlog which was the important thing. I’m not going to go into intense detail about what I completed but you can see what I finished on this Goodreads shelf.

Overall this was a positive experience to blog about. I was motivated and I proved to myself that I could avoid the temptations of getting all the books from the library or buying all the books at the store. Since the ban was lifted I only bought one new book (The last of the Never series by Lesley Livingston) and I’ve managed to not buy anything else. I did go the library and I took out ten books, but I’m actually going to pace my reading of those ten books (I’ve read all the graphic novels so seven books to read!). I want to keep this up though and just keep pushing through what I own. I will get better with this, but the big thing is pacing one’s self. If I had all the money in the world, I’d support authors, but it’s not the most viable reality at this moment, so the library has been very helpful as has galleys.

I want to see if I can push through and knock out more from my backlog. At some point then I want to go and sell off/donate more of my books, especially the ones I know I’m not going to read again or loan out. Those books need a good home too, y’know?

I definitely think I will do this again next year. Book bans are hard, but can be successful if it means you’re working through your backlog and finding what you love and what you’re okay with parting with.

Hope you all enjoyed reading my progress. I would love to hear other people’s stories of how they dealt with book bans or restraining themselves from spending all the money at the book store.

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