Sad News About Strange Chemistry + Giveaway

17345314I’ve heard sad news from all over the blogosphere that Strange Chemistry/Angry Robot is officially no more as a publisher. What breaks my heart moreover is yesterday I posted a review for the second Soul Eater book by Eliza Crewe and none of you will likely be able to read it unless it gets saved or self-published.

My friend Katharine @ Ventureadlaxre is hosting a giveaway where you can win copies of Laura Lam’s fantastic novels, Pantomime and its sequel Shadowplay. I decided I’m going to join her in this endeavour. These were my two favourite books published by Strange Chemistry and while I am sad about the publisher being no more, I want people to still read these books.15797050

So I am offering up to one winner a paperback copy of both Cracked & Pantomime. This giveaway is open Internationally as long as the Book Depository ships to your country. Remember there’s plenty of SC authors out there so support them by buying eBooks or paperbacks of their work while they still exist at this time. Meda and Micah’s stories may be some of my favourites, but this was a fantastic publisher with some other great authors who were a part of it. Please support them in any way you can. If you run a giveaway, let me know and we can spread the support together!

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8 thoughts on “Sad News About Strange Chemistry + Giveaway

  1. ventureadlaxre

    It’s so awful this has happened, but it’s now added another thing to my list of ‘book things to do’, which is read every single title in the Strange Chemistry catalogue!
    I’m just so worried about the authors and the next books in the series. And I wish I could understand the logic of the books that were due out in like, TWO WEEKS, which now won’t. I mean, they’ve been accepted, edited, got cover art, been formatted, and sent out months ago for review (like Some Fine Day by Kat Ross)… and now… what? Like, surely if it was two weeks from being published, the books themselves would have been printed and everything. Why on earth won’t they go on sale, what happens to them? I’m confused.

  2. greermrobinson

    I couldn’t believe the news about Strange Chemistry—I discovered Laura Lam and her books Pantomime and Shadowplay only a few days before the news broke about her publisher. By reading the blurb and a few reviews of Pantomime, I already knew I’d love Micah and needed to read his story. Many hopes the series and Laura’s future books are picked up by another publisher—anyone would be missing out by not doing so.

  3. bookgeeking

    This is crazy, I have a few books published by them, sitting waiting for me on netgalley. Not sure what to do with them now, I will eventually read them but I feel sorry for all the authors their books are not going to happen 😦


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