A Few of Sam’s Favourite Canadian Authors

Happy Canada Day to those celebrate and live in Canada! To everyone else, happy Tuesday! I thought since it was a holiday today in Canada that I’d share a few of my favourite Canadian authors, and a little about their books and why I love them.


Vikki VanSickle

I admit, I’m new to Vikki’s novels, but not new to Vikki as a person. Vikki is my “book angel” and I’ve called her this ever since we started communicating with each other. She’s sweet and always has a knack of finding me books that suit my taste. Colour me surprised when I found out she was an author herself! Summer Days, Starry Nights was a perfect read for me because it was all about growing up and uncovering family secrets. Furthermore, this novel takes place in a campground/family lodge and having those types of experiences growing it made me appreciate the setting and the cast of characters so much more. This was a book that when I finished it, I cuddled it tight against my chest because so much of the story resonated with me. I still have yet to read her Clarissa series, but it’s high on my reading priority list — providing I can find them somewhere!


Lesley Livingston

I’m sure those who frequent the blog know my crazy love for Lesley Livingston. I’ve read nearly all her books except the Wonderous Strange series (which I will remedy soon!). Lesley has a knack for writing fantastically witty and quirky characters who have a great sense of humour. I LOVED her Never series, and I was so heartbroken that it was finally over this year (loved the last book though, it’s my favourite of the three). Funny enough though? My favourite book of hers might be How to Curse in Hieroglyphics simply because I couldn’t get over how crazy, whacky and humours it was. I really cannot wait for book two in the Wiggins Weird series. I mean, all of Lesley’s books are fantastic, but her middle grade effort still ranks highest for me!


Adrienne Kress

Another Canadian writer who I’ve read just about everything she’s written. What I love about Kress’ books is that she always writes these wonderfully kick ass chicks who, while flawed, always try to come out on top regardless of whether the odds are stacked against them or not. Outcast is easily my favourite of her books, if just for Riley shooting an angel IN THE FACE. I think what I appreciate about Adrienne’s books the most is that they are always tongue-in-cheek fun, and I cannot wait to see what kinds of craft and quirky characters she comes up with next.


Courtney Summers

Courtney Summers is my go to author when I want books about people being shitty to each other. She writes some of the most realistic and vindictive teens I’ve ever come across. Funny enough though, while I adored Some Girls Are, my favourite book of hers is still Fall for Anything, mainly because the characters in that story really made an impact on me, and I’ve been in a similar situation that Eddie has faced. I really am struggling to wait for All the Rage because based on everything Courtney tweets, it just sounds right up my alley.

And Let’s Not Forget…

There are so many other Canada authors out there who deserve some recognition for their works and awesomeness so I’m going to list a few more of my other favourites: Robert Munsch (I know, it’s cheating, but I don’t care), Rachelle Delaney. Eric Walters, Violette Malan, Karen Dales, Rachel Hartman, Eden Robinson, Thomas King, Cory Doctorow, Emily Pohl-Weary, Trent Seely, Amanda Sun, Eve Silver, A.M Dellamonica, Kean Soo, Mariko & Jillian Tamaki, and anyone else I’ve missed: THANK YOU! Thank you for keeping Canadian Literature fantastic and engaging. Thank you for gracing the world with your fantastic talents. You are the writers that continue to showcase to the world that Canada has something to prove in the literary world. Thank you for being awesome.


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