River & Sam’s Fave Books of June

The end of June has come and gone, so it’s time to share with all you awesome readers, River and I’s favourite book(s) from June. Well, out top pick any ways! Sometimes we fail and have more than one (which is totes cool, right?).

River’s Pick:


Kiss Kill Vanish, by Jessica Martinez

So I’m a jerk, and I’ve scheduled River’s review for this one to closer to its release (which isn’t until early October). Needless to say, she did a lot of OMG! GASP! WHAAAAAT! throughout this one, and it seems like it’s got a good blend of mystery and WTF-ness, which to me is always a plus in a book.


Crudrat by Gail Carriger

This pick oddly shouldn’t come as a surprise, as I’m a big Gail Carriger fangirl. I listened to this one as an audio book because I backed the full cast audio book for it on Kickstarter last year and it was totally worth every penny. This book has got great humor, a fast-paced story, and quirkness up the yin-yang. Definitely check this one out if you love YA and science fiction. Also I highly recommend the audio book simply because the recording is phenomenally done.

What was your favourite read in June? Let us know in the comments!


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