10563031_885496288131512_7474970727825617561_nMy niece, the sweetest most hilarious two year old on the PLANET, gave me my first hug on US soil.

I made it to the USA! After two months of packing, canceling all the things, cleaning, throwing away trash and hauling luggage I’ve FINALLY made it back to the USA! First stop for me was Michigan, where I’m spending a week and a half with my family. Husband is off doing science-y things in the great white north, and we will reunite in Boston at the beginning of August.

I left Japan on July 24th and was ready to say goodbye. It hasn’t quite hit me yet that I’m NOT going back (I was at the grocery store yesterday and kept thinking OMG HOW AM I GOING TO EAT ALL THE FOOD I WANT TO EAT… oh wait… I don’t have a time limit).

My flight was actually really good. I flew Korean Air and it was SO nice. The seats had a lot of leg room and my flight from Tokyo to Incheon was EMPTY. I had four seats to myself. Too bad my flight from Incheon to Chicago was not so empty. But I still did well, didn’t get sick, and was able to eat. I watched a TON of movies (EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WATCH NEED FOR SPEED IT WAS AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING.)

Things in Michigan are good (it’s FREEZING here compared to Tokyo) and I’ve been doing okay jet-lag wise. I managed to stay awake for almost 30 hours (from Tokyo to Chicago and then Chicago to my hometown in Michigan), so when I finally crashed I slept for like 12 hours and woke up at a normal human time and have been doing okay since.

I drove this giant truck! This is my dad’s new Ford FT 150 and oh. em. gee. I drove it and it was the first thing I have driven since 2009! I honestly can’t believe that I drove something this big and LOVED IT. I have missed driving so much. Back in 2008 when I first moved back to the USA after my study abroad year I did NOT want to drive (I just didn’t want to be in the
USA), so I really struggled. But now that I WANT to be back I am taking to everything like a fish to water. And I drove this bad boy on the highway and down one of the most infamous streets in the city and yeah. I owned it. (Only made my mom cringe once when I ran a yellow light… sorry mom!)

And I came home to a pile of books. Anytime I’d win a book I’d send it to my parent’s house (can’t wait to have my own US address now!) so I had a bunch of won books and then a few that I’d bought with amazon discounts (Landline!!!) and then my love Melissa sent me  A SIGNED COPY OF SINNER!!!!!!

So yeah… that’s it for now. I’m hoping to get back into blogging once I’m settled in Boston, but we’ll see. It might take me a few more months. Have to get my apartment all set up, have to figure out how to navigate Boston, have to get my husband set for school, and hopefully I’ll be starting a new job too! So until then keep following me on twitter and goodreads. And keep loving Sammy for all the hard work she’s doing to keep this place going (LOVE SAMMY!!!!)

10 thoughts on “USAAAAAAAAAAAA

  1. samcmar


    Also as soon as you have your Boston address I need it so that I can send you those ARCs I had been saving for ya!

    1. river Post author


      I think I sent it to you (lemme know if I didn’t) yaaaaaaaaaaaaay books! I can’t wait until my boxes from the boat shipment get here so I can send you stuff too 😀

  2. kawaiicandie

    welcome back!! this post hits me a lot because i’ve been thinking a lot about going back home recently and, the truth is, i’m really scared! but it gives me all the warm feels to see you be so happy about it! haha.

    1. river Post author

      Wow I’m surprised! What brought that on? I think if you’re ready to leave Japan then you’ll know, and that’ll be the best. I’ve seen a lot of people leave when they weren’t ready (myself included, when I first left I was miserable and went back ASAP) and struggling when they get back, so just do what feels right, ya know? Good luck!


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