Book Ban Check-in #1 + Extra Life Info!

So I declared the months of September and October to be book buying ban month because I spend too much money on books. I love them, I can’t help it, But it’s becoming a problem when your backlog is pushing 500+ books. Let’s face it, it’s a problem! So the goal is to cut back for two months and see if I can keep it up. The punishment for buying books these next two months? I am donating money to Extra Life, which I’m also participating in.

Before I get to what I read for the first week of the ban, I want to briefly talk about Extra Life, which is a charity event that raises money to help children’s hospitals all over the world get the funding they need for research, provide treatments for patients, etc. I’ll be playing video games for 24 hours straight on October 25th, and I could use the support. Feel free to donate any amount you want as ALL PROCEEDS go to children’s hospitals. I’ll be playing for SickKids Hospital here in Toronto, and I could use all the support possible to make sure I reach my goal (or even go over my goal!) to help kids out. Please consider supporting me in this endeavour! DONATE! PLEASE!

So where does Extra Life and punishment fall into things? Well, if I buy books, I have to donate $5 for each book I bought to my husband’s Extra Life page (since we’re doing it together). So he will want you guys to get me to buy books! SO TEMPT ME! (No, please don’t!) But yes, please consider helping this blogger out. I know it’s not bookish, buuuuuut… help a gal out?


Okay, so let’s talk about the books I read during the ban.


This week I managed to complete three books (no eBooks this week it seems, but for sure next time). Here’s the books!

Sparkers by Eleanor Glewwe — You’ll see a review for this closer to the date, but this was a great middle grade read, though a few flaws kept it from being amazing for me. Really strong characters in this book, lovely prose. Worth checking out if you love fantasy that focuses on social issues. 3.5/5 Stars.

Wildwood by Fiona Wood — AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING. OMGAMAZING. Review coming VERY soon, but check this one out when it releases if you love contemporary books with tough issues. ❤  5/5 Stars.

The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott — I wanted to love this more than I did. The historical information in this book is fascinating and fantastic, but the characters in this book were horrible and had no layers or dimensions to them. I needed more to work with, and this just didn’t do it for me. 2/5 Stars.

Expect lots of reviews this week, because September seems to have all the releases. River and I are doing our best to keep up, so who knows how many we’ll get through. There’s a blog tour also showing up this week for The Art of Getting Stared At by Laura Langston, and if you love contemporary, that is a book you need to check out ASAP when it releases. Fantastic book!

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