Book Ban Check-in #2

It’s been two weeks since my last update! And well, I’ve read quite a bit (shocking, I know). I may have bought two books during the ban (but I bought them with gift cards! That doesn’t count!) and I’ve already owed my husband $10 to his Extra Life fund. If I buy more, and let’s face it, I have a few more opportunities where this could happen, he could end up with more money. ­čśŤ There’s still lots of time to┬áDonate┬áif you’re interested. Remember! All the proceeds go to help children in need get their treatments. Any who, on with the books!

Bx7kOLrIAAAkBh0Here’s the physical books I read, but I also read quite a bit more than this through ebooks (ARCs in particularly!). I’m going to link the reviews for some of them, so if your curious you can read a more in depth thought process. So let’s chat a bit shall we?

Physical Books Read:

Bronze Bods by A.A Agurrie –┬áSo I liked this book! However, it reminded me at times of being too much like the┬áMinistry of Peculiar Occurrences series, which I adore. I think the characters and the world was really great, and the addition of the fae characters was an interesting touch, but as a mystery story it did fall flat for me. I still definitely think I’m going to grab the second book from the library, I just wish this book had felt more distinctive for me. I think it’s a ball of fun and the writing is fantastic, I just hate that it had felt like something I had read before and had seen done better. I will admit, I did have a huge girl crush on Ritsuko. She’s a babe.┬á3.5/5 ┬áStars.

Black Canary/Zatanna: Bloodspell┬áby Paul Dini, Joe Quinones – I thought this was an insanely fun cross-over comic, especially because Zatanna is either written so poorly or because people simply forget her existence. I also couldn’t pass this comic up because it was written by Paul Dini and he does some of my favourite portrayals in the Batman universe. Also Black Canary is pretty hilarious in this book!┬á4/5 Stars.

Falling Up┬áby Shel Silverstein – Early this year I’ve been revisiting Shel Silverstein’s works to see if they still hold up. I never owned any of his books as a child and now I own them all thanks to family and friends. This one I thought was so pretty and even a touch creepy at times. There is something so beautiful strange about his work and this one I recommend highly. 5/5 Stars.

I’ll Give You the Sun┬áby Jandy Nelson –┬áReview!

Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer┬áby Katie Alender – I thought this book would be entertaining and humorous and it just wasn’t fun to read at all. I also finished it because it was the only book I had on me for my bus ride and I found myself just unamused and annoyed. Everything is too easy in this book and I thought the whole serial killer thing would be better woven in and it just wasn’t. 1/5 Stars.

Hold Still┬áby Nina LaCour – OMGNEWFAVOURITEBOOK. I sobbed like a big baby through this book. It’s smart, it’s sensitive, and just wonderfully thought provoking. I am buying this book for every person I know because it just resonated with me from start to finish. 5/5 Stars.

E-books Read:

The Swallow: A Ghost Story┬áby Charis Cotter –┬áReview

Firebug ┬áby Lish McBride –┬áReview!!

Number of books bought on the ban: 2

Number of (owned) books read on the ban: 10

I admit, I feel bad that the blog has MOSTLY been reviews, but the reality is that River and I have been insanely busy. HOWEVER! There is a giveaway planned (coming soonish) and we will definitely have some event wrap ups for you guys based on some bookish events we’ve gone to recently, and I hope to have a few other kinds of posts (perhaps a Waiting on Wednesday, a Book Chat, or may be even Top Ten Tuesday) in the future too. Since River and I are starting new steps in our lives we’re trying to also get our blogging back in order too. I hope you’ll all stick with us and we’ll do our best to perhaps vary the content a bit more. Hope you guys are at least getting new recommendations out of the reviews! ­čÖé

And there will be another Book Ban Update in another two weeks! Let’s see if I can do it.

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