Five Spooky Fall Reads

I love fall, and I loved a good scary story. Sometimes, however, I just love books that feel like fall. That make you want to put on a warm blanket, or perhaps, put that nice warm blanket over your head to keep the baddies away. Here’s five fall reads you should definitely check out.


The Haunting of Heck House by Lesley Livingston & Jonathan Llyr

It’s no secret how much I adore the Wiggins Weird series. They make for the perfect fall reads because they get you into the Halloween spirit. From B-movie references, to playing with b-movie horror formulas, there’s a lot to love. Livingston and Llyr have given us wonderful characters in Cheryl and Tweed, so easy to root for and care about, and their love of horror films can get anyone in the mood for a spooky October.

18689586Through the Woods by Emily Carroll 

This is easily one of the most unique and horrifying graphic novels I’ve read. It’s disjointed and does an amazing job of making the reader feel so uncomfortable as they read on. The artwork in this graphic novel is gorgeous in every sense of the word and for those who don’t mind a little gore, this book will definitely keep you freaked out for a couple of days.

22388931The Swallow: A Ghost Story by Charis Cotter

I loved The Swallow back when I read it in September. Beautifully written, carefully plotted, I found myself so engaged in this haunting portrayal of Toronto.  Polly and Rose are fantastic narrators in this spooky ghost story, and who doesn’t love a more organic feeling chill of a story? READ THIS BOOK. Not only is it a fantastic middle grade novel, but it’s one that you’ll want to wrap yourself into a warm blanket and have a big cup of tea with.


Rooms by Lauren Oliver

I think if you are a very patient reader, there’s a lot to love about Rooms. Everything about this book is a slow burn (no pun intended) and that’s part of the joy that comes with the story. Everything is gradual, slow, methodical, and it keeps you wondering about the sanity of every person and paranormal being that exists within this house. Definitely a more rewarding read if you stick with it, and again, it’s a book that feels like fall the more you read on.


The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls
by Claire Legrand

The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls is an AMAZING debut novel, and one that I’m so happy I grabbed on a whim. It’s creepiness is so subtle, thoughtful and engaging that what happens in the story will send chills down your spine. I loved everything about this novel, it’s characters, the overall atmosphere. the world. SO SO GOOD.

What are some of your favourite Fall or Halloweenish reads? Let us know in the comments. I always love getting recommendations for these types of books.


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