Sam’s Reading Habits

So my partner-in-reading, River, had a discussion about reading habits, and she asked me to share with everyone some of mine. As a lot of you know, I read a stupid number of books, and I’m not picky about genre or it being age-appropriate. However, as a full-time library student, especially someone who has one semester to go, my reading habits as of late are a bit all over the place.

First off, I am currently training to be a Library Technician and as such a small chunk of my reading is devoted to reading articles on trends in libraries, new technologies and software, and (the bane of my existence), cataloguing manuals. This is the non-fiction part of my reading that I do every day after my classes to ensure I’ve understood a lot of the content that is being discussed.

I also have no preferences to where I read. I’ll read on the couch, on a bus, on a train, in my bed, at the table. I’ve always got my nose in a book, so there’s no real place I would say I do 100% of my reading. I do, however, always read before bed, even if it is a few chapters a night to get me calm and relaxed. I fit reading into any free moment I have, though when I am not reading I’m usually working, studying, writing or reviewing games.

I also own too many books for my own good and have a few different shelves with different organizational methods. I have two TBR shelves:


TBR Shelf #1: Complete with hot double stacking action.


TBR Shelf #2: By that I mean, just the middle shelf where all the books I got for my wedding shower lie.

I also have over 100 books on my Kindle Touch. I adore my Kindle and I lug it around a fair bit while I’m travelling places (usually because if I finish a book on it, I don’t have to wait to start another one). However, I actually prefer physical books because I am addicted to new book smell, but I also loved buying used books and having the sensation of knowing it was a book someone else had/enjoyed. I also love buying books that become my favourites, and I’m also someone who isn’t afraid to part with books if I know I’ll never read them again or loan them to a friend.


My Kindle (on the right) and my current physical book which I got for a dollar at Ad Astra a year ago.

Did I also mention I am usually in the middle of three books at once? It is a horrible habit that I can’t seem to break simply because I want to read all the books. I listen to audiobooks when I am working out or walking the dog (currently I’m reading 172 Hours on the Moon which i got from the library), and then usually I have a physical book on the go and an ebook (usually an e-ARC). If I am reading a physical ARC, then I usually have a non-ARC being read on my Kindle.

My husband and I have ten full books shelves total in our house and we share a lot of what we read. My husband may not like middle grade or young adult, but we share a common love of fantasy and science fiction (the weirder the better). We also love a lot of the same authors and we usually fight over who gets to read a new release first (usually him because I am bogged in review reading). I love that we are able to talk about books together, and we share a lot of recommendations and even run a book podcast together called Back Seat Book Club (hosted by the Back Seat Producers).

Also being a library student, I… live at the library. If I go near the library usually a large stack of books comes home with me and I will devour them all. Lately, I’ve been trying to scale back my book buying and library visits, but for me going to the library is also just a relaxing habit for me. I go to a library to immerse myself in the culture and I love seeing what people are reading or borrowing simply because I am curious. I also play and review a lot of role-playing games, which are like reading novels and I am an avid lover of the visual novel. Much like books, I can devour games like a crazy woman if given the chance.

I never would have imaged doing book blogging or reviewing books if it hadn’t been for River. I knew I was going to be training to be a library technician, but I didn’t think I’d be sharing my love of books in such a public way (you know, that wasn’t in front of patrons). It makes me happy that I can do this without feeling nervous or uncomfortable because for the most part, the book blogging community is quite friendly. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with some amazing publishers, authors and publicists at events or by e-mail who have been very supportive of me doing all this. So thank you!

Hopefully my reading habits were interesting to learn about. What are your reading habits? Let us know in the comments!

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