River & Sam’s Fave Books of November

It’s time to pick our favourite book(s) of the month! November was a stressful month, and the only thing that keep us both de-stressed? Reading! Reading fixes everything. I know for me personal, November was test and assignment hell, to the point where life was library school and reading to keep myself sane. Social life? I miss you, we should hang out some time.

On to the favourites!

River’s PIck:


All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

After she finished reading it, River gushed about this book to me, so much so that it is what I will be reading for this month’s SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! READ THIS! (and including it in my reading challenge somehow!). Check out River’s Full Review where she tells you why you need this book on your TBR, and check in with me at the end of the month for my review in SIT DOWN! SHUT UP! READ THIS!

Sam’s Pick:


Finding Serendipity by Angelica Banks

I am so glad River made me read this. SO SO SO GLAD! This book was just wonderful, magical and so damn poetic. River knows how much I adore thoughtful middle grade, and she also knew it had an awesome dog side kick, so no wonder this book stole my heart. This book definitely needs to be read, especially when it releases in North America in February.

What was your favourite book you read in November? Let us know in the comments.


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