River’s #Holidayreadingmadness

Hey guys! Sammy Mc Sam Sam and I are hosting #holidayreadingmadness with our friend Katharine over at Ventureadlaxre and I’m here checking in with what I’ve managed to read so far! Sadly I haven’t read as much as planned due to husband being done with his first semester (!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it!?!?!? Last year we were JUST finding out that he’d even gotten IN to MIT) so we’ve been watching a TON of movies (X-Men: Days of Future Past,The Giver, The Maze Runner, Mud, & Horrible Bosses to name a few) and TV (True Detective & Attack on Titan). But I AM on track for my goodreads goal of 150 books and I HAVE knocked out quite a few #holidayreadingmadness challenges!

So here are the books and challenges that I’ve done so far!

coeChallenges: 11) Read a book featuring cultural diversity
12)  Read a graphic novel or a book with pictures
14) Read an award winner (okay, this isn’t really an award winner, but it WAS banned, so I’m going to fudge it a little)

heroChallenges: 7) Read a book that has animals in it, either as a protagonist, side kick, or as a huge focal point
8) Read a middle grade novel.

vaultChallenge: 3) Read a book that has been signed by an author.

hereChallenge: 9) Read a book that has travelling.
10) Read a novel with a green cover or has green in the cover.

coldChallenge: 2) Read a book with winter in the title, as a theme, or as a main setting.
17) Read a retelling of some kind

lamentChallenge: 4) Read a book that has been gifted to you.
15) Read a self-published book or a book from an independent publisher.
18) Start a new series!

polarisChallenge: 19) Read a middle book in a trilogy.

So that’s what I’ve read so far! I’m planning on reading DREAMS OF GODS AND MONSTERS to knock out challenges number one (Read a book that exceeds 450-500 pages), thirteen (Read a book a friend has always nagged you to read.) and twenty (Read the ending of a series/latest installment of a series).

And that leaves me with challenges five, six, and sixteen! Which is not bad at all!

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