River’s 2015 Bookish resolutons


No for real. I was like writing the wrong date at work all week and I just can’t believe that 2014 is almost OVER. 2014 was a HUGE CRAZY year for me. It was a very difficult, trying year, and not always the best, but damn. A lot happened. As y’all know I moved back to the USA and that was HUGE. My husband started his PhD at MIT and I got a job at a bookstore (dream job!). We’ve adjusted to the move and our new lives and settled quite a bit. There are still some bumps here and there, but aren’t there always? 2014 was also the year of my First Book Event.

So what do I want to accomplish in 2015?

1) Read 100 books or more (or less). So at the beginning of 2014 I set my goodreads goal to 200 books. I AM SO HAPPY THAT I MOVED IT TO 150. And even that was too much. Yes I did accomplish it, but man, there were times when I was like ‘wtf self’. I’m the type of person that I has to see things through (as much as I can) and that goal was SUPER important to me. I knew that if I didn’t finish it I’d be really upset. But that meant that I was just FLYING through books and while I WAS enjoying them (most of them!) I always felt like I had to hurry up and get on with it to get onto the next one and then I wouldn’t even PAUSE between books. If they were ARCs I gave them short reviews. So I want to read less (that sounds so awful!) and take more time and not feel rushed (by myself, hahaha). So this year I’m going to set my goal to 100 and if I go over, yay. But I know that 100 is manageable.

2) Review better. I read a lot of ARCs. I love them! But I have too many. I’m the one who downloads ALLLLL the Harper titles when they’re up on EW. I request anything with a shiny cover. This needs to stop (and it’s slowly stopping). So I’ve told myself that I don’t HAVE to read them all. And that I need to be okay with it. I need to stop requesting ARCs that are popular that I have no interest in. I need to stop worrying about ARCs by authors that I’m not even that into. So I cut a lot of them off my schedule and I’m just not going to worry if I miss a few. I’ll read the ones that I’m DYING for (and of course my paper ARCs will take the utmost priority to everything else) and then write proper reviews for them. As I said, I was reading so fast that I wasn’t pausing between books and I even skipped a few reviews. I hate looking back and seeing such a half-heart-ed attempt at a review. I used to write long reviews that actually talked about what I loved/hated and I really need to get back to doing that. The books, authors and publishers deserve that.

3) Read my own books. Again, too many reviews, too many books sitting on my shelves. Especially now that i have space/ access to English books (and a kickin employee discount!) I can buy books! Which I’ve been doing. And while I love my Kindle and eBooks, I really want to read my physical TBR books. So I need to balance out the ARCs and ME books.

4) Get a library card. I said I was going to do this, I went to the library (for an event) and I didn’t get a card. So I need to do this. AGAIN, I have access to a library finally and I need to take advantage of this (probably in the spring tho, it’s way too cold to bike there right now).

5) Buy less. Okay buying a lot of books actually hasn’t been that big of a problem for me in the past (not like Sammy! Oh her shelf of shame…) but now that I have access to them (on a daily basis! Working at a bookstore is dangerous!) I’ve bought A TON. Yes I get a discount, yes I buy them on sale… but yeah. You should see me ‘re-arranging’ my books while I’m trying to sneak them into the existing bunch so my husband doesn’t notice (he does, oh he does). I just bought a bunch of books from Book Outlet (OH THE SAVINGS!) and now I need to go on a bookban… I’ll be updating about that after I buy my paperback of The Dream Thieves…

6) Blog more! A given. I have been so absent from this pace (and I hug and cry and thank Sammy for all her hard work and being the best coblogger EVER) and now that I again, have more time, I really want to participate more. I’d like to grow this blog and make connections with publishers and all that.

7) Book events! There are a lot of awesome book events here in Boston and I really want to go to the more! Part of my problem is that the buses scare me (I haaaaate the bus) and I don’t know my way around that well (yeah, lived in Tokyo no prob, move to a smaller big city and get lost what) but I really need to get over that and just brave the system and go! I’ve already missed out on so many events! I also want to go to BEA (if even for just a day!).

8) Purge the shelves. I love collecting books. I cannot say no to a good deal on books. I bought 4 books at a used booksale because they were YA and they were $1 a piece. I am now donating them because wtf self you are NOT going to read them. I do this a lot. I see a book I MIGHT read and see it on sale and buy it. And then I look at my books and THEY ARE MY BOOKS. I cannot part with them! But I must Thankfully my friends like to take some off my hands and the rest I can donate to my apartment’s library. It’s hard, but a must.

9) Less eBooks. Now if you know me you know that I was once against eReaders and then I got one and my life changed. I used to not be able to afford/access physical English titles when I lived in Japan, so eBooks and my Kindle were the most important things to me. But let’s be read, $9.99 for an eBook is a bit much. I know that you can use Oyster to borrow from the library and blah blah blah… but after awhile I became addicted to eBook deals. Anything less than 2.99 and I was all over it! I now have SO MANY EBOOKS. And a lot of them I, again, bought only because they were on sale and I MIGHT read them. I wont. I know I wont. I wish I could donate them or something. I can’t. Plus I have so many eARCs it’s just… yeah. So I’m trying not to buy eBooks anymore. I just have too many. And now that I can get physical books again… not to say I’m going to give up on my kindle, no way. Like I said, I have A LOT to read on there.

10) Be less OCD and anal about everything book related. For example, I like to update my goodreads with even page numbers. Wtf is this. I like to finish all books that I start in a month before the end of the month. I actually am in the middle of two books and I know that I’m not going to finish them before tomorrow and this is driving me NUTS that I’m going to be finishing a 2014 started book in 2015. WHAT AM I WHAT IS THIS. idek. I’m just weird and OCD about books and I need to just chill. Who cares if I start a book at the end of May and finish it a few days into June. I can stop reading a book on page 157. I can mix hardcovers with paperbacks on my shelves (if they’re in a series). Ahhhh just chill self.

So those are my bookish resolutions! What are some of yours?

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “River’s 2015 Bookish resolutons

  1. thebookmagpie

    Great resolutions! I know the feeling about wanting to finish books before the end of the month, I usually feel like that too, but I try to ignore it otherwise I’d end up awol for the last few days of every month haha! Have a great 2015 🙂

  2. samcmar

    Oh The Shelf of Shame — you and I are making friends this year because husband put me on a strict book ban and I don’t want him yelling at meeeeee. ;_; But yes! I have a lot of the same goals, and I’m always trying my best to buy less use the library more. GET YOUR LIBRARY CARD, WOMAN. FREE BOOKS!

  3. Stephanie Karin

    Oh my gosh I feel you SO HARD on the book OCD thing. I CANNOT stop reading mid-chapter, I HATE updating my status with an uneven page #/percent, and I REFUSE to buy a book in hardcover if I have the rest of the series in paperback or vice versa. So never fear……you are not alone.


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