Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge — Update #2

It’s time for another Book Riot’s Read Harder 2015 Challenge update. In February, This month I only read three books towards the challenge, so I’ve now completed 8/24 challenges. If you would like to read the January Round-up, click here. Let’s jump into this.

#11: Read a YA Novel


The Alex Crow by Andrew Smith

Not going to say too much about this one since there’s a review coming. It’s a mindf*ck in every sense of the word. However, it’s more in line with Grasshopper Jungle than say 100 Sideways Miles. This is not the Andrew Smith novel to start with if you are curious about his works, but this book is sad, weird, and all over the place. Those elements alone make for an interesting read experience.

#12: A Science Fiction Novel


LOOK! I wrote a REVIEW! Also, I thought this book was so so much better than Steelheart. Steelheart was one of the only Sanderson books I did not enjoy all that much. Thankfully, the sequel was a huge improvement.

#17: A Book of Poetry


Broetry by Brian McGackin

Poems written for the modern geek, and yet… the whole book felt gimmicky, contrived and not that enjoyable. I realize I am not a bro, but I felt like a lot of the poems were admittedly, trying a bit too hard to be “geeky, now wounded, now bro-ness, now geeky, repeat” which is fine if that is what you want, but admittedly I wanted a bit more from this than I got.

Let’s see what March entails. My goal for March is to read a lot more books from my own collection, though with the amount of ARCs I receive, March will be a month of attempting to find a balance. Wish me luck!


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