For you to notice


I am so sorry I disappeared.

Sammy, you are the best coblogger in the history of cobloggers and I am so sorry that I am the worst. sobs.

Sooooooooooo hey guys. What happened? Well, my husband and I were EXTREMELY unhappy with our housing situation and one thing lead to another and then things snowballed and People with Power were consulted with and fees were waived and documents signed and now we live in a new apartment closer to both our workplaces and the T and just… stuff. And it’s quite and the problems we were having are gone and we are HAPPY.

But it was a lot of work and I couldn’t do anything for a good long while because I was so busy. Things like reading, reviewing and blogging. I was able to tweet so some of you were privy to those crazy weeks.

Things do seem to be calming down and I’m able to read more (albeit not as much as I used to, but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen again) and I even wrote my first review in a long time! I’m…. not even going to look at my bookish resolutions because I’m going to just cry at how optimistic and hopeful I was.

I am going to talk about how I basically threw my reading schedule out the window of a speeding bus and watched it get run over by a semi-truck. Because I am dubbin this READWHATIWANT2015 (at least that’s my goodreads shelf). Yes, I am going to give ARCs priority (esp if they’re physical) but I’m not going to forced myself to read EVERY SINGLE ARC that I can get. I did this for the past two years and I read A LOT of crap. So I’m going to read what I want! And if I don’t want to read an ARC then I’m not going to. And I’m going to tackle my physical TBR shelf because it’s full and I have SO many books that I want to read!

i have also sadly made the decision to leave my bookstore job for lots of personal reasons and I’m happy to say that I AM going to start working at MIT soon! I am BEYOND excited with my new position and so excited to join MIT as a staff member.

That said my new job is going to take some time to learn and adjust to and while I’m hoping to get back to reviewing I’m still not sure where I am with actual blogging. I’ve been doing a little more personal blogging over at Safe As Life but not a ton. I am on twitter so you can always chat with me there. But hopefully this summer (I feel like I ALWAYS say this) I can get back into things. WAIT FOR ME SAMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until then keep loving Gansey’s fancy face and be nice to Sammy! ❤


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