Catching up!


Hey guys! Happy Easter, or Passover, or Sunday or Day or whatever! I finished two books AND two reviews today and I’m feeling pretty good about life. I LOVE my new apartment (there are days I can’t believe we live here!) and I start my job in one week from tomorrow. My birthday is at the end of the week (yes I DO accept presents — I kid!) and the chocolate Godiva eggs that I got my husband for his first Easter were delicious!

As we all know, Sammy is amazing and has been posting my reviews up on here (YOU ARE AMAZING MY SAMMY! I will send your package this week!!!) so I’m just going to write a little something here to show that I AM alive and that yes, it does look like I am getting back into the swing of reading and reviewing. I’ve read some AH-MAY-ZINGGGG books these past few weeks (reviews are coming!!!)

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Here are the covers of the books that I have recently FLOWN through. All 4.5 stars or higher!!!

Also, because I start my new job at MIT next week, I went shopping for some new work clothes. I’ll be working in an office and there’s a dress code. I’m hoping to someday achieve the greatness of Pieces of V.‘s office style, but it’s a work in progress.

IMG_0876 IMG_0875 IMG_0874 IMG_0873
I am so pleased with everything! The shoes were on sale and the dress… when I picked it up off the rack my friend commented that it looked too big for me. I tried it on and it was a perfect fit (I might look thin but I have some hips!) I grabbed the cardigan to give some color to my pretty dark wardrobe (I already have a lot of black and white tops). And I want to go back to H&M (probs on my birthdayyyyy) to grab some pants (I want to rock a pair of white pants SO badly!).

In love with my new home, finding time to read, new job starting, oh and I finished my taxes! Talk about things finally starting to go well. Now if only I could finally get some physical ARCs… (yes, that still hasn’t become a reality. Sobs)

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