May Reading Challenges + What Has Been Up With Sam

Hello readers! I realize it’s been forever since I’ve done a more personal/bookish post (unlike River who is so much better at doing that)! Life has finally calmed down somewhat — I officially graduated from my Library and Information Technician Program, with some pretty solid grades might I add! So it’s official — I’m a library professional now. The only thing I have left to do? Is to get myself into a library! Finding employment can be both rewarding and discouraging, but I plan to keep my chin up and do the best that I can. Part of the reason I started blogging with River, outside of the fact that it reconnected us in a bigger, stronger way, was also because she inspired me to get back into reading young adult. I was always a huge fan of middle grade, but I realized for a long time I was reading the kind of YA that didn’t appeal to me. However, as I’ve learned over the years, even a book you dislike can be useful for Reader’s Advisory, because what might be one person’s trash could easily be another’s treasure.

big pinkSince classes were finally let out, I also finally went on my honeymoon with my adorable husband. We ended up going to Disney World (with a day in Universal Studios) and SO MUCH FUN. It was so nice to finally get a break from life, stress and insanity. and Disney just has this way of putting a smile on anyone’s face. It wasn’t as insane as I thought it would be at this time of year, and we managed to hit up every park and nearly every ride. Also at Universal, my husband took me to Krustyland (He knows how much I adore the Simpsons) and BIG PINK IS REAL. For those of you who don’t know, Pink Big is one of the donuts sold at Lard Lad Donuts, and it’s the signature donut that Homer eats. We got one, but it was huge… and fluffy. So fluffy. We also tried out the Love Tester at Moe’s Tavern, and he got Hot Tamale and I got… Luke Warm. Yeaaaah, he rubbed that in my face all week! 😛

I’m happy to be home, though I’m already dreaming of another vacation sometime soon. I’m still hoping to make it out to New York and Boston in the near future to see a few of my favourite ladies. Wish me luck on the library job part!

I also came home to a package from River. Let’s just say, I am beyond excited to read all these beauties!


And that’s how things have been really. I am planning to attempt a couple reading challenges this month. You may have noticed there was not an April Wrap Up for my Book Riot Challenge, you will see that wrap up coupled with the May one as I plan to attempt at least one book from that challenge this month. Not sure which one yet, but we shall see!

Husband’s Reading Challenge

My husband also came up with a challenge for me this month. He is trying to encourage me to read more outside of the YA/MG genre (though he isn’t going to win entirely on that this month) and to also read books I actually own instead of going to the library and bringing home more goodies. Here’s what this challenge consists of:

1. To read The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie  — my husband has been nagging at me to read this chunker of a novel forever, so it looks like I am going to be tackling this.

2. Pew Pew Lasers Sci-Fi — Space fiction! Or.. Star Wars. Not sure yet what I am going to read when I complete this challenge.

3. “I don’t know what it’s called but the cover is blue.” — So this comment happens a lot in libraries and it’s something we discussed at extensive length in my Library Programs class. For this challenge I am going to read Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin because it has a blue cover! 🙂
4. Deadpool stuff — So my husband’s favourite Marvel character is Deadpool, and for awhile I was keeping up with Deadpool Classic (which I admit, I enjoy). I’m debating between reading more Deadpool classic or jumping into Deadpool vs. Hawkguy (which I just devoured all of the latest instalments of Hawkyguy by Matt Fraction and I loved it.)
5. Spy fiction — I think for this challenge I am going to finally read From Russia with Love by Ian Fleming. I have never read a Bond novel, but I enjoy the films and From Russia With Love is one of my favourites. Plus it is a pretty short looking read that I can easily knock out.
#CrushYourTBR Challenge

So Raeleen over at PadfootandProngs07 and a friend of hers came up with idea of doing a #CrushYourTBR challenge where every month they would select a weekend and work on crushing their TBR piles. They are also both participating in #0by2016 wherein the goal is to complete your entire TBR by the beginning of 2016. I have too many books and I know I would not be able to complete that challenge, but I love the idea of #CrushYourTBR because it definitely encourages the idea of trying to tackle books from the backlog. The next #CrushYourTBR is occurring May 15th to the 17th. Check out the video above for more details.
My goal for that challenge is to read… five books in a weekend. I think it can be doable depending on the size of the books I’m in the middle of. I told myself May was going to be a bit of a free month even though I do have some review books coming do (and I’m going to alternate between one review book and one book for pleasure to keep up). I mean, I also have digital collection of graphic novels I can jump into as well, though my real goal will be to read actual books for the challenge. We shall see and does it really matter? I just want to read, read, read!
And there you have it! At the end of May, I’ll let you know how I did on all these challenges and whether or not I completed them in my BookRiot wrap up. I think I may be acting a bit over ambitious, but you never know, right? RIGHT!

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