Bookish things in Boston

Soooooooo last week I though that my computer was infested with a ghost or a virus or something because it was acting up, but now it seems to be okay :knock on wood: and I will attempt to post!

Bookish things have been going down for me and I am all right with this! Now that I work 9-5, live close to the T, and it’s not snowing every-other-second I can actually get out of my house and DO stuff. And stuff has been done!

IMG_0924On April 27th I went to Porter Square Books to Lori Goldstein‘s (the author of Becoming Jinn) book launch party! It was so awesome to finally meet her after having chatted on Twitter and through email. I loved her book (click on the link above to see my review). I also met up with some bloggers, one of them being Nicole from Nicole’s Novel Reads. I’ve been dying to meet her since we started chatting on Twitter and it was awesome talking books with her!

The event was AWESOME! Lori talked about her book, her inspiration for it, what made her start writing, and then rather than reading from it she had some teen actors PERFORM A SCENE! It was really awesome and the girls who did the performance were wonderful! I really enjoyed it and thought it was a nice addition to the party.

After Lori was done talking we all basically socialized while Lori went around talking to people and signed their books. There was yummy food and wine too! And it was also really cool because there were other Boston authors there, and I approached Mackenzi Lee, author of the upcoming book This Monstrous Thing (which comes out in September). We somehow started fangirling about The Raven Boys (come on now, it’s me!) and that was the end of that!


IMG_0998 IMG_0964On May 7th I attended the Boston Teen Author Fest Sneak Preview, held at the Cambridge Public Library. I met up with fellow MIT book friend & blogger Lourdes from Unbound Books and we headed to the event together. We met up with a few other people there and the event started shortly after we arrived. It was just a preview of what’s to come in the fall when the festival is in full swing. The authors were all local, and I’d even read a few of their books!

At the start of the event they each told a little about their book and then read the first page. After that there was trivia; authors vs audience! I think that because there were a few MG novels in the mix that there were a lot more under-sixteens than I had expected, but that was so awesome to see! I loved that the younger girls knew so much! (They had most of the answers).

After the Q&A there was a raffle (I lost, Lourdes won!) and then social time with cookies and juice. I chatted with a few bloggers and authors, fangirled with Mackenzi about The Raven Boy’s again (again, it’s meeeeeeeee!) and ranted about the inaccuracy that I’ve been running across in books that are set in Asia. Sadly we had to leave at 9 because the library was closing but I ran out into the lobby and FINALLY GOT A LIBRARY CARD! Ah I SO excited to use it! I just… need to get through my seventy billion ARCs and the shelf of physical books… hehehe. But I WILL use it!

And that’s what’s up! Other than that I’ve been reading A TON (reviews will be posting soon!) and getting used to my new job. I really enjoy it! I keep telling myself it’s a cross between being a librarian and a CIA agent because I’m shelving documents (much as one would shelve books!) and everything is confidential. Uhhh yeah. Bye!




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