ARC Review – The Wrinkled Crown by Anne Nesbet

24951698Title: The Wrinkled Crown

Author:  Anne Nesbet

Rating:  ★★★★

Synopsis: Up in the magical, wrinkled hills, Linny breaks an ancient law. No matter how musical a girl may be, she must not so much as touch a string of a lourka before she turns twelve, or she’ll be spirited off to Away. When the curse meant for her strikes her best friend instead, Linny must leave her home behind to try to set things right. If you walk down out of the wrinkled hills, you will never find your way home–everyone knows that other law. But Linny has the gift of not getting lost, and she will risk everything to rescue her friend. With her father’s young apprentice, Elias, she travels down into the Plain, where science may have found a cure for magic. Linny and Elias soon find themselves caught up in the age-old battle between the wrinkled places and the Plain. Can Linny keep the fractured land from falling apart—and save her best friend?

Huge thank you to Harper Collins Canada for this ARC!

Sam’s Review:

Some of my favourite kinds of middle grade novels are often the ones that are the most quiet and gentle. There’s a lot to learn, there’s often a good balance of morality and magic, which is exactly what we have in Anne Nesbet’s The Wrinkled Crown.

If I’m being honest, I think what I loved about this book the most was just how gorgeous the writing is. It really does an amazing job of drawing the reader in, and it’s rich in description. The story itself is cheeky, as we follow Linny, a heroine who has broken an ancient law in her world, in that if she touches a lourka before she turns twelve, or she’ll be banished to Away. Unfortunately her best friend ends up having to pay the price, and it’s up to Linny to make this wrong a right. I loved this story, though it definitely had some slow points for me.

I really can’t get over how fleshed out these characters feel. I adored Sayra and her love for Linny, I thought Elias was a cutie, and Linny… she reminds me of Tommy from Rugrats, always doing what she shouldn’t be and then trying to figure out how to a fix a problem before things get much, much worse. Linny is adventurous, daring, clever, she’s someone I think a lot of younger readers would easily be drawn to because she is so capable, yet she’s not always confident in herself.

The Wrinkled Crown is a such a delightful fantasy novel for anyone of any age. There’s so much for children and adult alike to appreciate! The story is delightfully charming, with wonderfully vivid characters and fantastic writing. It’s definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of authors like K.E Orsmbee or Claire Legrand.


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